Scientists have figured out how to overcome the aging of cells

High-intensity interval training helps you to cope with the aging of cells. This was announced by researchers from the Mayo clinic, published the results of a study in the journal Cell Metabolism.

It turned out that with interval training, alternating short periods of high and low activity. According to the study, it is more effective than power, enhances mitochondrial activity – a chemical reaction that release energy and trigger cell growth. Usually these processes deteriorate with age, but the interval training was able to turn the deterioration around.

It is noted that in the experiment involved 36 men and 36 women in two age categories — 18-30 and 65-80 years. For the study, they were divided into three groups, one of which is for 12 weeks doing high-intensity interval training on the bike, the other is strength training, and the third both. Also present were a control group who did nothing.

The experiment revealed that the younger group of mitochondrial activity increased on average by 49%, and the elderly — 69%. Thus cells of older participants producing energy like belonged much more to young people.

However, exercise improved the body’s sensitivity to insulin, reducing the risk of diabetes.

Researchers are advised to do interval training 3-4 times a week and also a couple of days to give the power.