TOP 10 most amazing elevators in the world (photos)

“Popular Mechanics” gathered TOP 10 amazing elevators on the planet – high, fast, with spectacular views and interesting history.

Elevador de Santa Justa or Elevador do Carmo in Lisbon is an Elevator lift, a recognised monument of national importance. The Elevator was created in 1902 to help the pedestrians to overcome the steep slope and access from the street Rua do Ouro to Largo do Carmo. Two elevators that are initially moved through a steam machine, now operated by electricity. Lift height of 45 m and is decorated in neo-Gothic style. Elevador di Santa Justa is richly decorated not only outside: inside cabin with mirrored panels trimmed in wood. Of course, this is not the highest and certainly not the high-speed Elevator, but certainly one of the most beautiful.

The Ericsson globe in Stockholm — arena with a height of 85 m and a diameter of 110 m, the largest spherical building in the world. On the outside of the building and run two SkyView glass gondola — lift in 20 minutes, carrying visitors to the top of the arena. Say, there unfolds the best view of the city.

The Hammetschwand lift in the Swiss city of Bürgenstock — the highest outdoor Elevator in Europe, built in 1905. In less than a minute he lifts passengers to a height of 153 m, and a breathtaking view of lake Lucerne.

Sky tower — tower in the heart of Auckland, a symbol of New Zealand. The height of the building is 328 m, this is the 13th in the world tallest tower. Upstairs is an observation deck — needless to say that the view from up there is incomparable? The Elevator will take you to the top in just 40 seconds, but these seconds will be full of thrill: the lift glass not only the walls but also the floor.

The arch in St. Louis (Missouri, USA), which is also known as “the Gateway to the West” — the tallest arch in the world, with an altitude of 192 m. the Architect Eero Saarinen who designed the arch, and died a few years before the completion of construction. Shortly before his death he suddenly decided to change the design to implement in the construction of the Elevator. Construction of the arch is not allowed to integrate to the ordinary Elevator, and many engineers refused. And only the brave Richard Bauer two weeks suggested: his idea unites the lift and the cabin of the Ferris wheel. This unique system was eventually installed. From each of the “legs” of the arch goes on the Elevator, which consist of 8 cabins with capacity for 5 people. The lift runs every 10 minutes and takes visitors to the top in 4 minutes.

Eiffel tower. It seems the words are superfluous. But still say, to a height of nearly 324 metres (this is the “growth” of the tower with the antenna) can be reached by Elevator, which runs at a diagonal “foot” — i.e. you go up at an angle. First, all the lifts were hydraulic today, only one: the one that runs to the West leg of the Eiffel tower. The rise of the tower is being built in stages: from the first floor to the second you take the historic elevators (inside “legs”), and from the second up to the observation deck you have to go for modern high-speed vertical lift.

The Bailong Elevator is located in China, in a rock near the city of Zhangjiajie (Hunan province). The Elevator takes passengers along the steep slope at the altitude of 360 m. Those who have overcome such a height, will be awarded with scenic views of the surrounding rocky mountains. However, to enjoy the landscapes it is possible and on the way up: a two-story cabin is completely transparent.

Tower the CN tower in Toronto was the tallest building until 2007: its height is 553,33 M. lift in the tower is moving at a speed of 22 km/h and carries visitors to the observation deck in less than a minute. From there you can ascend another 33 floors above, but this time on foot. However, looking at the city from a height you can start in the Elevator: specially for this it has a glass front wall.

Taipei 101 — a skyscraper in the capital of Taiwan. This is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world, which is not surprising: tower height 509,2 m (with a spire) has a unique geometric shape. In the building there are more than 60 lifts. This is the fastest Elevator in the world, thanks to the aerodynamic form they can reach speed up to 60.6 km/h. it turns Out that from the 5th to the 89th floor can be reached in 39 seconds. The thrill of the climb — as if you ride on the rocket.

Burj Khalifa, skyscraper in Dubai, is remarkable in many ways. The building height of 828 m is the highest in the world today, and the elevators (there are 57) — one of the fastest. Each Elevator speeds up to 10 m/s, lifting the visitors to the top in 35 seconds. As the building itself, the Elevator installation has the title of the world’s highest — lift overcomes 504 meters. If you climb, don’t forget to take a selfie: Burj Khalifa, ranked fourth in the world among the attractions for the number of images in the network Instagram.