Madonna vs trump: why men are afraid of women

Why hundreds of thousands of women, including Madonna, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman and many others, took up arms against Donald trump? The conflict of femininity and masculinity there long, and in the confrontation between trump and Madonna, he climbed out and shook the whole world. Women in different parts of the world react and rebel, go on marches, as well feel the essence of Donald trump. It is an uncertain, insecure man with an inflated ego — these bring a lot of trouble.

Victory trump, as we know, achieved thanks to the support of the conservative, poor people from the provinces, which for many years had been ignored, whose needs are not taken into account. Trump is also a bulldozer swept through the sore spots of American society. And did it so clumsily that city dwellers don’t even doubt that he will lose.

But there it was. To understand why hundreds of thousands of women, including many global celebrities came out to protest, you need to understand the following. The situation of women in the world — is still very heavy. Look at the statistics of who, where black and white: every three women worldwide have experienced violence. You want proof? Then read #aboussafy. That hashtag on the Internet celebrated their stories about the violence girls and women. The stories are so blatant and painful that the hair stand on end. All, as usual, begins with rudeness, vulgar jokes, and ends with harassment, violence and, worst of all, the accusation of the victim. Rapists always turn the situation in such a way that the women are afraid to admit that it did. In fact she is allegedly to blame.

Say feminists won, all right? Why women’s earnings are still below? Only in the early twentieth century, women began to get the vote, and in Switzerland — all in 1971. No one ever gives up power voluntarily. All I have with women today, they have made themselves, snatching men in an unequal struggle. But history shows that barbarism can slide very quickly.

Every woman needs to know: “Patriarchal values” are values for men versus women. Man is so afraid of women that her sexuality was turned into lust, motherhood, responsibility, tenderness and sensuality in a Vice, and emotion — in hysteria, intuition — in witchcraft. When a woman carries and gives birth, then raising a child her milk, the man devalues that you put making money above and blaming the woman for what she is “hanging on his neck.” In these acts, the highest form of sadism. However, some men do not even notice.

Patriarchy falsifies by itself and religious beliefs. For example, God tells Adam, “cursed because of you the earth”. But in the mouth of men, these words become: “because Of eve all the evil in the world.”

Why Madonna?

Madonna like no other, knows the value of what it means to be free and to be a Woman. In her childhood home was dominated by strict religious mores. Her mother died because of their beliefs and the beliefs of her husband was refused medical care. Stepmother Madonna was even stricter in this regard. This situation, of course, badly affected the children of “faithful” family: two brothers, Madonna became drug addicts, and her family was called a whore because she was a dancer.

Violence Madonna has faced in new York, where he had fled from the “safe” family. According to her, then she survived, and robbery, and sexual assault. She beg and malnourished, and only thanks to sympathy from the one lesbian she managed to avoid trading his body for food. In the first marriage she suffered domestic violence from her husband Sean Penn, who later admitted that he did it out of jealousy to its success. All the efforts she put in the work on yourself to become someone important in a man’s world. It changed her forever.

You know what lyrics Madonna? They are about the freedom of women against violence, female sexuality and Masturbation, equality and so on. Yes, she’s the first to say that female sexuality has a right to exist, and women — well, you just imagine — also masturbate. She always beat in the most painful point of society, was telling the truth — openly and without notes, even deliberately exaggerating it and shocking, to finally bring it to the world. She shook narrow-minded conservative Patriarchal framework of this world, she raised a whole generation of women more uninhibited and free, and humanity only benefit from this. But people like trump, nothing has changed, because they are so much afraid of women.

The Problem Trump

Madonna knows the nature of such men, she feels. They caused her much pain and not only it, but also millions of women all over the world. And cause still. She feels sick ego trump, who never moved away from his mother, did not pass separation.

Separation is emotional separation from parents, in this case from the mother. Trump is a strong dependence on the mother. He wants another woman to find a good “mom” to love him, finally. But not because he believes all women are materialistic. In this search for mom it goes from skirt to skirt. On the one hand, he can not do without women, and with another — struggles with them.

Of his books “Survival at the top” and “Art of return” you can learn a lot about his character, and especially about the attitude to women. Trump accuses women of greed and manipulation.

“Women know how to play perfectly. Those that are smarter, look very vulnerable and needy, but inside they’re the real killers. Whoever coined the expression “the weaker sex” was either very naive or joking. I saw a woman manipulates a man with a single movement of the eyes — or perhaps some other part of the body.”

Stronger “rivals” sometimes trump praises for their intelligence and resourcefulness — because of these wrong just to humiliate or devalue, they need to win, to conquer, to beat.

“More than anything, I love women, but actually they were not what they are. They are much worse than men, much more aggressive and, my God, they can be smart. To give them credit and congratulate them on the fact that they have incredible power, which most men deny.”

And how not to boast, to convince everyone that he is a man

“If I told a true story about my relationship with women, who, it seemed, was happily married and held a high position, then this book would be a bestseller (although it is, in any case, it will be!). I’d love to tell all and used the real names of places where this happened, but I don’t think it would be right.”

This can clearly be seen his fear of women: he does not understand fear, and therefore, intimidates, humiliates, dominates them.

Besides “desapariciones” trump constantly suing over bankruptcy, because he then earns, loses, earns, loses. And so on indefinitely. With politics he develops the same: every day it emits a loud inadequate regulations, but in fact is constantly trying to prove that he was really man. It is also peculiar to men with the problem of separation from parents. A man in the eternal search for approval, is always at risk too and ill fed, sticks out his ego, but can not manage to get praise and therefore all the throws in the middle of the road.

And Madonna never said nothing

The cowardly trump Madonna responded clearly: “Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I resent that. Yeah, I thought a lot about how to blow up the White house. But I know it will not change anything. We can’t fall into despair”.

Serious statesmen were so scared popdiva and her words, which has already managed to accuse her of left fascism and arrest. Indeed fear has big eyes. After his arrest, what? On fire?

The woman — more of a connection with life. And she knows all the destructive power of men, preoccupied with their systems. Madonna and other women feel it, and they will not allow him to turn the wheel of history or to mess things up. Well, if Trump needs a mother to he is not naughty, woman will become a mother.

Because, dear readers-men, don’t worry: women of America and the world (the protests took place in other countries) will save us from trump and others like him. Our future rests on a fragile how we men think women’s shoulders.

In the end I will give the word for a real woman. That’s what Madonna said at the award ceremony “woman of the year” from Billboard:

“That’s what I would like to say to all today. Women were oppressed for so long that in the end they decided that really are such, as they do men. They feel they have to support the man that everything in life was as it should be. In the world there are really very decent guys who really need support, but not because they are guys but because they were people.

We women should begin to value our own dignity and each other. Search around strong women, make friends with them, learn from them, collaborate with them, inspire them, support them, educate”.

Well, the good guys the advice from the psychologist: men, love their women, respect them and most importantly… don’t be afraid!