Poroshenko interrupted his visit to Germany due to shelling in Avdeevka

Ukraine’s President has cut short a visit to Germany due to an emergency situation in Avdeevka, which borders on a humanitarian catastrophe, said the press Secretary of the President Svyatoslav Tsigalko.

“The President interrupted a state visit to Germany due to the shelling of Avdiivka by the Russian militants that led to an emergency situation that borders on a humanitarian catastrophe,” – said Tsegolko.

“Because of the attacks of Russian fighters in the city remained without power, electricity and heat”, – said the Agency Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Gennady Zubko.

According to him, the President instructed the government to expand the headquarters of the SSES and points heating for the population, to ensure the supply of alternative energy sources in social facilities – schools and kindergartens.

“The President instructed the interior Ministry and national guard to ensure public order and safety, as well as measures to prevent thawing systems talabostat in residential areas and apartment buildings”, – said Zubko.

As reported, the militants are intense shelling in the area of Avdeevka from January 29. That day in the area ATO killed 5 and injured and the injury of 14 soldiers of the APU, what the vast majority of the incurred losses occurred in the battles in Avdeevka. January 30 in the area of the ATO (as at 18.00) killed three Ukrainian servicemen, 17 were injured and three injuries.

Avdeevka remained without water, electricity and heating. Moreover, Avdeyevka coke and chemical plant (AKHZ) was de-energized and begins a “hot” conservation equipment.