What is Forex and how to win at exchange rates

In the distant 90’s, returning from a business trip in Tyumen airport, I somehow managed to watch a master class in applied psychology. Fun gambler, cheerfully moving the tools of his trade, touts victims full of the bitter truth the poems: “a Man without money — a man-bum. The man without the risk of — man-sausage!” And over and over again ripped off those who couldn’t stand to feel like a sausage-bum. But seriously, something large and fast income is always accompanied by increased risk of losing something valuable. This risk can be significantly reduced through skills. But in this case, the real gains come not so fast.

CHANCES. Among the widely known ways to high income immediately reminded of what we call work or trade in the market Forex — international interbank foreign exchange market.

“The profit can be as 1% and 100%, indicates analyst of InstaForex companies group Vladislav Tyukhmenev. — If to speak about average indicators, the picture is the following: an experienced trader a few times a year can receive excess profits (100% or more), and in the remaining months of his income is less than 10%”. If to speak about the risks, even the most experienced trader, from time to time suffers losses. And for the beginner a chance in the end to lose everything far more than that to win. Accurate statistics will tell you no because of her absence. But the picture is roughly this: on one stable and many (thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per month) zarabotavshego trader there are dozens that are difficult and unstable, but unable to feed themselves (hundreds of dollars per month) and hundreds of those who in the end only lose. In the latter group are usually those who come for quick money and are not ready for a serious and long work.

START. Technically to begin to speculate with currency is simple: open an account on the website of the broker company and placed on him a kind of start-up capital. Moreover, there are brokers that allow you to work with micro, with just a few dollars. You provide so-called leverage, which allows to conduct operations in 100 or even 500 times larger amounts than you have — depending on the size of the “shoulder”.
And, once you can start? “First of all, advise not to look for trouble immediately. You should first engage their knowledge”, — says Vladislav Tyukhmenev.


The basics of trading you can understand and independently — a lot of them in free access in the Internet. But this abundance of information is the main catch. “How do you know in what order you need to acquire knowledge and skills? — said a trader of the company “Fintas” Michael Loktev. — A professional trader you need to understand the fundamental and technical analysis, trading psychology, etc. In any of these areas need to be improved for years.”

It is helpful to first practice and test yourself on demo account.

COURSES. “You face many nuances that in the first stage, unclear. And you have to spend on their analysis is a huge time — confirms Vladislav Tyukhmenev. In this case, you will help a variety of specialized seminars and webinars, where it is compressed and quite clearly the teachers will explain all the main points of trading.” Initial training many brokers are free of charge. Somewhere is three classes on Skype, somewhere — week training course. “Traders with little trading experience can participate in free webinars company where professional traders will tell you about copyrights and classical methods of analysis of the market, says Tyukhmenev. — There are paid courses (from 500 UAH — Ed.) which one of the teachers will make an individual training program”.

SYSTEM. “The main thing in learning to not just General knowledge about trading, but working and tested”, — says Mikhail Loktev. Its presence is not a panacea and protection from possible losses, but slightly increases the chance of making money and reduces risks to be in a situation of unacceptable losses. Many brokers offer the opportunity to open what is called a demo account — game the same as a real account and practice on the trading platform in real exchange rates. If you “toy” account can’t go in the stable plus with real money the more you have to work early. However, even excellent results with demo account is not guarantee of wealth, because in the actual transactions included psychological factors: the fear of losing real money, and greed that influences decisions.


Man immersed in information about “Forex Ukraine”, will definitely face numerous complaints lost in this game, and with accusations of fraud. “Fraud and development schemes have been and always will be. And the market “Forex” is no exception, — says Vladislav Tyukhmenev. Not to say that all brokers are crooks. Often the loss of the Deposit is the fault of the trader, which came to market without any knowledge.”

CHOICE. “But there are in a given activity and the so-called “black brokers” who scroll through those or other schemes, says Tyukhmenev. — Of course, the choice of a reliable broker is an integral part of successful work. The main indicator of the reliability of the broker is his reputation (work more than 5 years and a large number of regular customers)”. However, from the point of view of many experts “from outside”, this activity in itself is far from reliable.

“It’s not real work in the market Forex, where the minimum investment amounts in the millions of dollars. It is a kind of betting where you bet on the dollar, — says the Director of consulting company MPP Consulting Paul Miller. — This entire business was initially based on the fact that you get new clients with money. Now this parish has decreased dramatically, and activity as they were before, anymore.”

And an economist at the International center of perspective researches Alexander Zholud says: “there is No factual data that they would have been all over the national Bank or somewhere else. Therefore, it is impossible to objectively judge their volume of activity. But what can be seen really seems that the activity of these companies was much lower.”