Bad dream idiot

When in 1990, China has developed and without any hesitation announced its “doctrine of the use of cyberspace”, clearly denoting intelligence objectives, which consisted in the creation of high-tech weapons to intercept information, a former KGB officer Vladimir Putin was well aware of such methods. The only difference is that the Americans and their allies conducted reconnaissance very carefully.

In the intelligence community is no surprise that the actions of the Chinese find fairly quickly, since their methods are very clumsy. Even after the cyber-attack discovered, they commit the same actions, and in droves. This community was surprising that this time the Russians acted without fear of being exposed. So strong was their desire to break into servers of the Democratic party, which used the same hacker group APT 28 APT 29 in which they recently attacked the control centers of other countries, in particular, apparatus of the government and the Ministry of foreign Affairs and defence of Spain, France, Germany and Italy. This means that not only the Americans think Putin is the organizer of cyber-attacks that in the end was forced to accept the trump. So I think all intelligence agencies of the West.

To date the most sophisticated masters of the cyber-attacks were Russians, Americans, Israelis and Chinese. Global espionage of Americans and some of their allies was opened four years ago, but not as a result of their own intensity, and the revelations of Snowden, who had access to a closed network of Five Eyes. World press played a crucial role in exposing the global surveillance using electronic means.

What is the difference compared to the modern era? Exposing the role of the press was also equally important, but never previously observed in such a shameless intrusion into the election campaign with the sole purpose to promote the right candidate no more and no less than the President of the United States. In this candidate, which, according to all opinion polls, was leading the race, did not suit Russia, because they hold progressive views. And this indicates that in the mind of Putin was the plan. This raises many questions:

— Are you going to Putin to reverse the described girl fighting “the End of history” where the U.S. stands as the only superpower?

— If he’s going to write your own “End of history”, where Russia has absolute power?

— Did he use the war in Syria to destabilize Europe with the huge influx of refugees?

— Not pushing to the construction of the anti-immigration wall in order to weaken international relations with the West?

— Does not Fund whether populist parties of Europe, to weaken our democracy and to split the society?

— Instead of whether he created the conditions for Brexia and does not cause such a sharp zigzagging on the upcoming elections in Holland, France and Germany?

— And if he was put in the chair of President of the United States puppet, which poorly imitates him?

— And do not at the initiative of Putin, tramp was nominated for the position of Secretary Rex Tillerson, who four years ago, Putin was awarded the order?

— Not if he was going to split Europe in the same year, if elections are won by the supporters of another Breketov, as predicted by his friend trump?

— Not if he was going to break with the old NATO, as it described the new US President?

— But if the Way he intends to dissolve the Union and to trample it under itself?

It is obvious that the similarities between Putin and trump is not limited to love to tan and use hair spray. It creates the feeling that trump statements is a bad copy of what Putin says: make America great, using the same totalitarian phraseology that Faraj, Orban and Le Pen. An ardent nationalist, convinced that he plays the Messianic role, has a tendency to totalitarianism and control of the media. And without freedom of speech there is no democracy.

However, there are two significant differences. First. The greatness that promises trump, may result in a crash. The greatness sought by Putin pose the threat of Russian expansion and a mortal danger to Europe and around the world. Modern wars are fought with new weapons of mass destruction — information. And Putin has shown that Russia is able to steal it, manipulate it and use at their discretion to create imbalance. Obama managed to open it, but he’s already out of work. The second difference is that Putin acts as the ideologist and the tramp — his press Secretary.

After one week after joining trump in the post, it is very difficult to determine what is a dream that becomes a nightmare, and that is true. Let us that it was a bad dream. Moreover, depressing, tiring and intense dream. How fortunate that I finally woke up, looked out the window and sing a song about how beautiful the world is. So let us remain calm. This world is beautiful.