In the last days on duty “carboplastic” from the former Union Federal Republic of Yugoslavia competed, who will come up with a sensational header to text a British columnist Mary Dejevsky, in which she as an expert on Russia, predicts that Putin allegedly recognize Kosovo.

The forecast without a single serious argument wouldn’t deserve attention, if not show, how much malice has accumulated from Newspapers and websites not only in the region but also in Serbia. They hurriedly published work of Ms. Dejevsky, which once a year participates in the meeting of foreign political analysts and journalists in the Valdai in Russia and on this basis is considered a great specialist in the largest Slavic country.

Her main thesis, as if said Russian — at the level of “kitchen conversations”. It supposedly predicts that Russia may recognize the independence of Kosovo and thus Putin to improve relations with trump.

In connection with this thesis Dejevsky should recall that Washington imposed sanctions against Russia after the return of Crimea to the Motherland. Later relationship even more complicated due to the Russian intervention in Syria, and the first cooling occurred in August 2008 after a brief war in Georgia. In this process the complications of a relationship it never was nor Belgrade, nor Pristina. And even when in a few months, Putin and the tramp first meet, most likely, the topic of Kosovo do not be on the agenda.

“Carboplastic” need to understand that there are no reasons for the recognition by the Kremlin of lagoudera Thaci. First, Serbia is one of the few countries in Europe which has not introduced sanctions against Russia. Secondly, Moscow does not forget that Kosovo was one of the recruitment centres of Islamic thugs, with whom Russia is still fighting in Syria. Therefore, no one in the Kremlin and not react to the “sensation” Dejevsky, which was picked up by The Guardian. Analysts with a similar “reputation” does not deserve rebuttal.