Food basket in Ukraine was poorer than in neighboring countries – expert

Food basket of Ukrainians were poorer compared to the set of products of Belarusian and Russian. About this informed the head of the Association of suppliers of retail chains of Ukraine Oleksiy Doroshenko.

“If you compare the consumer basket in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, our is the most poor. This is the official consumer basket, not consumption products, but it is also sad. The consumer basket of all these States are derived from the Soviet standards, based on common principles and are not significantly different,” wrote Doroshenko on his page in Facebook.

Grocery market basket is conventionally of 14 major categories, including bread and cereals, vegetables and melons, milk and dairy products, potatoes.

“Ukrainian under the basket will be able to consume more of the only Belarusian milk and dairy products. In comparison with Russians, we should consume only dried fruits, as they do not provide, sugar and confectionery products, and chicken eggs. The total weight of the annual consumer basket of Ukrainians according to the rules should be 652 kg or 220 chicken eggs, Belarusian – 772 kg and 270 chicken eggs, Russian – 808 kg and 210 eggs”, – Doroshenko said.

According to experts, the cost of the consumer basket, food needs to be in Belarus 51%, and in Russia – 50%. In Ukraine part of the cost of food among all expenditure on industrial goods and services is not installed.