The elderly need to have a pet, to help others and watch your favorite movies psychologists

In our everyday life we are so busy with other things that often miss the simple things. But they make us kinder and happier. How to do everything and still maintain composure?

Psychologists say that to be happy everyone can, the main thing — do not be lazy and work on yourself.

Do not give up physical activity, writes Scientists have proven the fact that the person who conducts an active way of life is definitely optimistic.

So do not linger on the spot. Not necessarily to engage in serious sports. A fairly easy physical activity: walking, Jogging, or swimming. Even minor physical exercise can normalize hormonal balance and the production of endorphins, which are responsible for good mood.

Be a child. Do not forget that each of us lives a child that sometimes you need to release into the wild. Pamper yourself with children’s activities and entertainment: assemble a mosaic or puzzle games, go ice skating or just go with a small roller coaster a few times on the sled, look good children’s cartoons. Don’t be afraid to be funny and childishly naive.

Get a pet. Psychologists say that people who have a pet, consider themselves to be happier than those who don’t. If you don’t have time to walk the dog — get a cat. Any animal in the house will raise the mood and brighten up gray days. By the way, cats also do well with a doctor — they will find a sore spot on the body of the host and will try to help: massage or warm up the sore spot.

Help people. Our brain is designed in such a way that any help of others makes us more happy. No need to spend a lot of money to charity. Sometimes it can help just a kind word or a short conversation on the phone. Never refuse to communicate themselves and learn to accept such assistance.

Find time for a favorite movie or book. Each of us has a movie that I watched many times and know all the lines by heart. Despite this, we once again review the film. It is uplifting and helps produce hormones of happiness. The same effect on our brain and reading a favorite book.

Every spare minute rest. In my youth, getting a profession, we are hard at work trying to take their place in society, raise children, and then grandchildren. Only in his later years comes the realization that we need to stop and rest. Psychologists recommend every free minute to rest. For someone the rest — a few pages read a favorite book, for someone — the next series of the show. No matter how to relax, the main thing that you felt doing a burst of energy and vitality.