Looked like the women of Iran before the revolution: mini-skirts and hairstyles (video)

Network with new force has inflamed debate about the treatment of women in the Muslim world. The occasion was posted on the portal Reddit.com retro poster with two Iranian model. The girls are dressed in accordance with the standards of beauty, typical of the 1970-ies, but it is unacceptable from the point of view of Shariah, the rules of which in Iran have become obligatory since 1980 – says “life”.

And here is a compilation of Iranian television advertising in those years. Coca-Cola, shoes:

Under the Shah Pahlavi, the Iranians have behaved and looked in accordance with the Western way of life. Was in the course of flared trousers, fashionable hairstyles, mini-skirts and rock-n-roll:

With the change of government has radically changed cultural policy. The Shariah takes precedence over the usual manners. March 8 1979 Iranian women outraged held in Tehran demonstration against the forced wearing of the hijab:

However, despite the ban, in recent years a resident of Iran increasingly allow themselves to let a hair in the wind:

Recall that a woman’s life in Iran is governed by Shariah, as well as the institution of family and marriage. Islamic marriage in Iran is called nikah. The age of marriage for women – 13, men – 15 years. Prior to 2002, the minimum allowed for women age of marriage was 9 years, and for men 14 years. Form of temporary marriage allows Iranian man without much red tape to take multiple wives (up to four), but with the condition that the man able to support them.

Children born in both a temporal to a permanent marriage, in the event of divorce remain with the father, a woman in Iran has no rights to the children. For adultery in Iran, and also for having sexual relations outside of marriage for women provided a severe penalty: flogging or death by stoning.

At the same time, women in Iran politically and economically quite active. In the Iranian Parliament there are women-deputies also Iranian women are actively involved in various political demonstrations and Islamic societies. In addition, by a special act of Parliament, Iranian women serve in the police and special military units, writes family-abc.ru.

But everywhere in public places and enterprises apply the principle of separation of men from women. In institutions where women work, office of women separated from their male. Policy branch also practiced in public transport, Lounges separated into male and female, there are separate beaches for men and women, it is also the policy of the Department adopted in the mosques. The Iranian woman must always be correctly dressed: it’s a scarf, a long coat and pants.