Trump’s willingness to respect Israeli democracy drives people crazy

The new US President was waiting for a sour and hostile reception. It was met with boycott, violence, and attempts to delegitimize. This meeting gave the “liberal” American circles, thus showing the true character of the level of tolerance of leftist movements around the world and at all times. Reluctance to give Trump at least a moment of peace characterizes the bulk of American media, but it somehow applies to a significant portion of the Israeli press. But if this attitude from the point of view of American domestic dispute, you can understand that from an Israeli Zionist point of view it is difficult to justify.


The campaign demonizing the new President of the USA undertaken in the Holy Land, his speech on inauguration day was unreasonable dowry fascist tinge. Validity highlights one of the first steps trump — he returned the Oval office bust of Winston Churchill that had stood there for decades. Like his predecessors since 1945, trump respect for the Savior of the free world.


And Barack Obama, the great liberal, was kicked out of Churchill to hell. Obama and the hostility he treated everything that personified Churchill, and sided with the hostile and erroneous ideology of the “third world”. While trump, who is accused of intention to review U.S. relations with other countries, have shown that respects something that was Churchill. Trump, who is accused of isolationism, promised to strengthen the U.S. position in the world. Trump chose Churchill’s position “not to deny and not to be afraid” against Islamic terrorism.

A violent reaction to the speech trump has shown how the residence time Obama in the White house poisoned the public debate of the free world. In the age of Obama, the words “patriotism” and “nationalism” have become curses. This is contrary to modern democratic approach followed, and Churchill, based on national pride and the desire to care about their city. Moreover, it does not prevent to come to the aid of friends overseas.


The results of a global vision of Obama to bring in millions of dead and wounded, especially in the middle East. Infantile vision, persisting only in the Hollywood world of illusions, seeking bloody reality in the hands of the outgoing President.


It’s not even talking about Israel. We have eight years in despair watched as the White house continually denies the reality. Refuses to acknowledge the hostility of Islam and Palestinians. Showing signs of latent anti-Semitism that became apparent at the end of Obama’s stay in power in the UN security Council and at the Paris peace conference. In General, given at the inauguration of trump’s words “If I forget thee, Jerusalem, let this wither my right hand”, as if marked the coming of the last days, with all the ensuing consequences.

Therefore, any Israeli-Zionist had to count the seconds until the end of the mandate of Obama with the violent, hysterical with joy to welcome trump. But we have some do not hide their disgust with the new President because he will respect Israeli democracy. They hoped that the US will force Israel to accept the point of view of a small minority that still controls many influential positions in the country. Apparently, trump is not going to make Israel and it infuriates them.