The Italian authorities decided to sue Charlie for a caricature of an avalanche

The authorities of the Italian town of Farindola are preparing a lawsuit against the controversial weekly Charlie Hebdo that mock the dead in the avalanche.

Mayor Farindola Ilario Lackett already instructed to prepare a lawsuit against the publication and against the authors of the cartoons.

The indignation of the city authorities caused the figure, which depicts the death, come off the mountain on skis. In the hands instead of ski poles she holds two braids. And the caricature reads: “Italy. It’s snowing”.

Farindola will deal with the lawyers who earlier filed a suit against Charlie Hebdo on behalf of the authorities of the city of Amatrice. They decided to sue the French weekly over cartoons of the earthquake on August 24 last year, when the city was almost completely destroyed.

Recall that the avalanche, triggered by tremors and heavy snowfall, fell on the hotel “Rugapiana” in the city of Farindola Wednesday evening, January 18, in the evening. The snow completely covered the four-story building with dozens of guests.

Currently, the search operation continues. Killing 5 people. Alive was discovered and 11, another 23 people are still missing.