The dollar began to fall in price due to currency interventions of the NBU

The panic in the currency market when the dollar has soared to almost UAH 29, is gradually on the decline.

Yesterday, in average it sold 28,18 UAH, bought 27,59 UAH, respectively below the 70 and 50 kopecks/$ than 10 days ago.

Experts say that the decline was expected, but do not rule out a new increase in February.

“The fact that the rate went up, due primarily to an unexpected election victory in the United States Donald trump, which the scientists attributed to the enemies of Ukraine, causing panic in the population, and the sudden nationalization of “PrivatBank”, — says the managing Director of a commercial Bank Igor Lvov. — Now the exchange rate is overvalued, as it is only at the end of the year should be 27,5—27,6 UAH/$ on the interbank market and 28-28,1 UAH/$ in a cash sale. But the current intervention of the national Bank will reduce it to 27.5 UAH in the cash market in the coming days.”

The President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko does not exclude that in February the rate will go up again because of the growth in demand for foreign currency on the interbank market. “The colder the weather, the greater the need to import gas, so as not to empty the underground storage. This means that “Naftogaz” will need currency. Also have seen revival of demand for foreign currency among importers of fuel, household appliances, etc. All this together maybe 2-3 weeks again cause the growth rate above 28 UAH/$.