In Washington, Poroshenko already look for a replacement

For Ukrainian politicians, the inauguration of Donald trump has become a “vanity fair” in Washington has sent a powerful and highly representative delegation of politicians. All weekend on Facebook they shared photos from events and boasted the “high” level of contacts in the new administration.

However, this does not mean that the “contacts” really were — according to “News” on Donald trump and his associates did manage to get a few top politicians.

Champion fundraiser

Fees for visits of the inaugural event was voiced by political analyst on international Affairs Taras Chornovil. “The cheapest package — the right to come after, stand in line, pass a detailed inspection and go on a simple rostrum along the road, which will go the President to the White house after his inauguration, worth 25 thousand dollars. For the right to get in the festive breakfasts and Lunches with a minimal program, but without trump and his family — 50 thousand dollars. A reception with the participation of the family or someone from the new Cabinet (toast and group photo for memory) — 100 thousand dollars. Of ordinary presence at the reception where will be the trump, — a half-million dollars,” hung price tags Chornovil.

And in the official price list from the White house was listed and where a large amount: more than $ 1 million, could participate in all activities, including dinner with the “appearance” of Donald trump.

Based on those data, the people’s Deputy Sergiy Kivalov has spent about 50 thousand dollars (he visited the Liberty Ball — the “Ball of Liberty”. The same amount could pay the MP Borislav Birch (a similar event). “This event, which invited the senators and congressmen, Brigadier generals and mayors, sponsors and lobbyists of the party, captains of police and heads of corporations. This is not a fundraiser, and thanks from the newly elected President for the support, the place where a glass of champagne acquaint you with people who have influence in the new administration of the White house,” said Birch.

“Pack” was more expensive Mikhail Saakashvili, according to “News”, he visited several events (after the inauguration he was photographed in the alleys near the White house). Also expensive could do the visit to the people’s Deputy from BPP Valery Karpuntsov (his “package” included a visit to the “prayer Breakfast” with the participation of Donald trump, also, according to the Karpuntsova, “friends had some interesting personal meetings”).

Very expensive and was “package” the former head of the foreign intelligence Service Mykola Malomuzh: he participated in the ceremony of laying wreaths at the tomb of the Unknown soldier, the presidential reception at the Lincoln Memorial and the party of the Republican party “for a narrow circle” (in the “Facebook” has told about contacts with the former speaker of the U.S. Congress newt Gingrich and the General Tim Haake).

“Trump is a champion of fundraising for inaugural events: his administration has earned $ 90 million more than Obama could muster in the best years (his record was $ 48 million), — said “news” analyst Alexei Yakubina. — Blame the interest in the figure of the tramp and different expectations — from the sense of horror in Davos before the rapture.”

Search contacts

With the arrival of trump’s attitude to Ukraine is changing. “Poroshenko reportedly already looking for a replacement, hold auditions, but until such a candidate is not. If it appears, it will promote — and it will be obvious,” — said “news” analyst Nikolai Spiridonov.

Therefore, “market” lobbying services are lively. Really contacts were able to establish only a few people. From sources of “News” learned to negotiate with Valentin Nalyvaychenko (security officials close to the Republican party). Current ally of Tymoshenko flew to Washington in early December (and came back with a thesis that the US wants Ukraine’s “realities” in anti-corruption issues).

“And Sergei Levochkin, while the contact is not established, although he “led” a collaboration with Paul Manafort the Party of regions”, — said our interlocutor.

Official contacts through the Embassy there was also the Ambassador of Ukraine in Washington, Valeriy Chaly, said that already had time to communicate to trump, “to the question of Ukraine have not escaped its attention”.

The conversation itself, according to Chaly, held four days ago, during preinauguration events. “And the President even stated in Davos that he was preparing his visit to Washington. But this is more wishful thinking: trump is unlikely to want to invite the Ukrainian President was among the first — said Yakubina. — Bankova hope that the administration trump won’t notice that the Ambassador Chalyi campaigned for the candidate of the democratic party”.

Exaggerated and the scale of the “interviews” of Mikhail Saakashvili (he spoke about the contacts with “team trump, many of whom he knows personally”). “Overall, trump will be interested in the review of relations with the Ukrainian elite, because for him, politics Poroshenko will become unacceptable. But it is unlikely the rate will be made on the same Saakashvili,” — said political analyst Ruslan Bortnik.

Interesting and another aspect: visits to USA of former security officials (ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, and Malomuzh). “They communicate with a group of “hawks” within the Republican party, which advocates for the expansion of the US and dominance in the world — her bright representative is Senator John McCain. However, the prospects of this group is small — they are only one of the three main currents in the party-the winner” — says Yakubina.

For participation in the inaugural procedures trump was paying 25 thousand to $ 1 million. However, these costs will not bring useful contacts in the new administration: the contacts in it are made in the line of lobbyist and political consultant Paul Manafort.

Ukraine will do in may

The “Ukrainian question” in the administration of the trump will raise in April-may. “We’ll have to wait for the formation of the Council on foreign relations. And our direction will be considered only in the complex, through the prism of relations with Russia”, — said political analyst Kost Bondarenko.

His colleague Volodymyr Fesenko confirmed talks will soon begin. “They may even be successful, but to reset relations agreed and Obama with Putin and Bush not to mention Clinton. It will all end for Ukraine is hard to say — it is unlikely there will be concessions for concessions, in the end, trump wants “greatness of America” and not friendship with Putin.”

According to the ex-foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara, a change in the concept of the struggle with Russia for its “engagement” can and does leave Ukraine without U.S. attention. “We need to decide how without assistance to overcome our problems,” he concluded.