“Rabid, authoritarian, aggressive, causing fear”: Italian Twitter users — about the ceremony of the inauguration of Donald trump

Covering the inauguration of the magazine’s correspondent Espresso Anna Lombardi @anna_lombardi noticed “double Donald trump, whose counterpart Putin to lead on a leash in a crowd of protesters in the square Franklin.”

Marina Viola @marinaviola asks: “Is Putin not even invited to the inauguration?”

Writer, journalist, activist @robertosaviano, author of the acclaimed book “Gomorrah” connects the inauguration of the trump and the results America, Mexican drug Lord: trump takes office, America is coming Shorty. And this President did not want to see in the country of Mexicans…

One of the leaders of the Italian political movement “Five stars”, Deputy Chairman of the chamber of deputies Luigi Di Maio Luigi Di Maio @luigidimaio congratulated the elected President from taking office, by writing his greeting in English: “All the best to President Donald Trump. We hope for successful cooperation with the future government of the movement “Five stars” in Italy.”

Users was quick to respond to a tweet Di Maio, expressing his attitude to himself and to the Trump. Anna Rita Leonardi @AnnaLeonardi1 writes: the Supporters of your movement and pulls the mad billionaire racists.

The journalist beppe severgnini @beppesevergnini: Someone explained to him that this is not a rally? And that America is not the only existing country in the world?

Erasmo D ‘ Angelis @ErasmoDAngelis: Rabid, authoritarian, aggressive, causing fear. The President’s speech trump was worse than you could imagine.

Luca Grieco @LiukGrieco: for four years in the White house we will see the racist, populist and enemy of Europe. Good luck to all of us.

Fabio Fratini @FabioFratiniRA: All the latest global crisis was triggered by the US. President trump would be a disaster. We need a strong United Europe, to improve the situation in the world.