In the U.S. contribute to the growth of the Polish revanchism

When the American team, fully equipped with tanks, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns and other military equipment, entered Poland, it caused euphoria in Warsaw. Polish defense Minister Anthony Macierewicz (Antoni Macierewicz) stated that there are no longer any kind of world order, which was adopted in Yalta in the end of the Second world war.

Military and U.S. policy, may decide that it is a victory. But for Poland this is bad news.

In Poland live powerful revanchist forces, and though the rhetoric of hateful language directed against Russia, the problems arise not for Russia, but for neighboring countries, if Poland really intends to revise the Yalta agreement.

Poland is a country with a complex history. This “country on wheels”, which is the struggle between the great powers pushed back and forth. One time she disappeared altogether from the map. The nationalists of Poland — both in the government the right attitude and explicit fascists — is the dream of a great Poland from Baltic to the Black sea. And in the background looms the Union of Lithuania-Poland.

The Soviet Union did in 1945 annexed the Eastern part of Poland. But the Polish politicians seem to forget that Poland at the same time annexed the Eastern part of Germany. Now it is no longer the Soviet Union, so if Poland wants to get back their Eastern lands, as it was before Yalta, this happens at the expense of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Polish nationalists think, for example, that Ukrainian Lviv needs to be Polish. But the German revanchist want to say that the city shone in those years when it was called German Lemberg.

And if to break into pieces Yalta, then why not do the same with Versailles? Hungary and Turkey have the same “right” or no right to demand the return of large areas.

Yalta was a compromise of the great powers, and this naturally meant that many national factors were discarded. Primarily, this led to a massive ethnic cleansing of the German national minority in Eastern Europe. But Yalta was a compromise after a war that cost the lives of more than 50 million people. If this tape rewind, then the price may increase more than two times.

Currently, the US and the West have rejected the Yalta and Versailles. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact meant the death of Yalta and the beginning of the era of Western conquest of the territories of former Soviet allies. The war that divided Yugoslavia, meant that he was fully supplied out of the game for Versailles.

Two world wars have been a disaster that cost the lives of many millions of people and led to terrible destruction. Now politicians again felt the taste of blood. Aggressive promotion of USA to the borders of Russia and the revolution in the Ukraine under the leadership of the United States greatly contributed to this.

And, it seems that the Norwegian public does not understand what is happening.