How to avoid frostbite: simple tips

Winter is in full swing. It’s cold outside and the lower temperature air outside the window, the more likely to get hypothermia or amorosity part of the body while walking.

According to the information SSES of Ukraine, the signs of hypothermia is shivering, trembling, pale and then bluish discoloration of the skin, lips, pain in the fingers and toes. Prolonged hypothermia develops frostbite (tissue damage as a result of exposure to low temperatures).

Frostbite more likely the fingers, hands, feet, ears and nose. In first degree frostbite pale skin, decreased sensitivity of affected areas, and after rewarming redness and swelling. The second affected the skin takes on a blue-purple hue, and on its surface there are bubbles with transparent liquid.

To protect your health, rescuers recommended to observe some basic rules:

  • do not drink alcohol – alcohol intoxication results in higher heat loss, and also causes the illusion of heat. An additional negative factor is the inability to concentrate on the first signs of frostbite;
  • do not smoke on a frost – Smoking reduces peripheral blood circulation and makes the course more vulnerable to the effects of cold;
  • wear loose clothing – it promotes normal blood circulation. Dress so that between the layers was the layer of air that retains heat. It is advisable to wear an outer garment that is waterproof. Tight shoes, no insoles can create the prerequisites of frostbite;
  • don’t go out in the cold without gloves and scarf. The best option gloves from fabric that repels water and is not breathable, with fur inside. Gloves made of synthetic materials do not protect from frost;
  • in windy conditions exposed areas of the body apply a special cream;
  • do not carry on a frost metal (including gold and silver) jewelry. First, the metal is cooled to a low temperature faster than the body, resulting in a possible “sticking” of these items to the skin occurs, pain and cold injuries. Secondly, the rings on the fingers impede blood circulation and contribute to frostbite of the limbs;
  • before going out in the cold, it is desirable to eat – you need more energy;

Rescuers also noted that children’s thermoregulation is not adjusted, and the elderly in some diseases violated. These categories are most susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia, so consider this when planning trips in the winter.

Also remember that the stay of the child in the cold should not exceed 15-20 minutes, then warm it in a warm room.

We will remind, in Ukraine since the beginning of frosts in the hypothermia deaths of 40 people. The greatest number of deaths from cold were recorded in Rivne, Lviv and Mykolaiv regions.