Five steps to a new kitchen: as quickly and without too much effort to make a repair

Kitchen is the room with the largest load, especially in a hospitable and loving is tasty to prepare Ukrainians. Besides, separate dining area, in Europe, we have not yet really caught on, so the kitchen “wear out” and lose its appearance faster than other rooms. And update it more expensive than a bedroom or nursery. But if the hostess decides to give it a new look, to make it better in the warm season: it is faster and easier to ventilate the room, and so much now the heat will not go away. In addition, important lighting: daylight and sunlight selected shades in the materials and the seams on the wall, are seen better. So August-September is a good time for cosmetic repairs. But for how inexpensive and efficiently upgrade the kitchen, we told the designer-decorator Katherine Sanin and interior designer Igor Musienko.


Often it is enough just to change the main accents, to change background colours and add accessories and the kitchen is immediately transformed. Start with textiles. Tulle or curtains on the window and replace with roller blinds (from 245 UAH/PCs.) are attached to the frame. It will add a space: opened the window-sill area visually and physically increase the amount of food. This design of the Windows give the kitchen not only novelty, but also of the present.
Replace the tablecloth to a bright, albeit simple.

Today fashion simple solid tablecloth (300-400 UAH) with accent napkins. On stools or chairs buy bright pillows (set of 160 UAH) — this will allow you to update the furniture. If the kitchen before there was a set of plates, hanging decor, vases — clear, leaving one or two bright accent. If not — better to buy one or two bright, large accessory, but not clutter the kitchen: the more items on view, the faster the mistress in this kitchen is tired. Modern trends are dictated by space: all that is possible — hide behind the doors of lockers. Well decorates and updates the kitchen living decor — herbs in pots. Now, by the way, this is one of the main decorative trends in the kitchen.

Basil. Beautiful and useful


According to the latest fashion trends, Wallpapers surely inferior to the position of paints and plasters. All sorts of coffee and tea patterns on the walls, the comfortable Wallpaper in floral or geometric pattern — out of fashion. Not to change the Wallpaper and update the kitchen, just enough of them to paint. Choose interior paint (from 120 UAH/l): as a rule, all interior paints today are universal, and few layers close even the most vivid picture. Certainly make one wall the accent color, contrasting to the main. For example, if light green accent paint will be orange. Painted Wallpaper in a global repair can just pull out as unpainted. But if the painted wall seems boring, add a wall decoration, better in engineering graphics is fashionable. Complex, of course, to replace the tile. But, you can update it repainted in a different color mezhplitochnyh seams. This can be done with a simple brush and conventional interior paint. Brown seam, painted with gold paint will make the wall look different.

The ceiling can also be painted, even if it is adorned by a trendy 10 years ago and already ashen from time square ceiling panel made of polystyrene foam. The best solution to upgrade — brushed white paint in several layers. Paul harder: to restore it difficult. The cheapest option is to lay high-quality linoleum (from 70 UAH m), preferably under the flooring — it looks like a laminate. But laminate in the kitchen is impractical: even the most wear-resistant in this room will quickly become worthless. However, you can do the decor, especially rugs (not carpet) in fashion again: buy a cheap thin rug, homespun better (in style) or a Mat.

The ceiling. The best solution is Matt white paint in several layers


To update kitchen cabinets, you can replace just the fronts. Pick a contrasting hue: if the kitchen was beige and green make if white black. Choose plain fronts, without carving, glass inserts, etc. It is cheaper and more fashionable. To replace the fronts, not necessarily to communicate with those who kitchen installed. This task will handle every furniture maker that makes custom made.


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Choose the facade is made of MDF and chipboard is significantly cheaper. So, if 1 sq. m of MDF will cost from 1 thousand UAH, 1 sq. m of chipboard — from 200 UAH. Ie replace 10 square meters of the facade will cost about 2 thousand UAH, plus an average of 50% of the cost of materials — work. Total: 3 ths — if you change the facade of MDF and 15 thousand UAH — DSP. Importantly, to sustain the hardware (hinges, Rellingen, lifting mechanisms). The same can be done with worn-out working surfaces: select cheap lyuksform (chipboard, laminated plastic) — 1500 UAH sheet 3 m. But from laminates, oilcloth, etc. give up — cheap and unfashionable.

Facades. Pick up the usual contrast shade


It is sufficient to add or replace a few light areas in the kitchen and it will look different. Discard the main light (chandeliers) in favor of a few floor lamps (from 260 UAH). Placed at the corners, they will shift the emphasis from the working area hostess kitchen to turn into a cosy place for gatherings. Refrigerator, or doorway with illumination will transform overexposed the kitchen. It is not necessary to hang a wall sconce (currently not in Vogue): buy outdoor lamp-the ball or on a dining table — a table lamp with fabric shade (from 190 UAH).

From the vine. The lamp on the floor