Baptism-2017: the history and traditions of the holiday

January 19, Orthodox Christians celebrate Epiphany. He is considered one of the 12 main Orthodox holidays and it ends the cycle of Christmas holidays: Christmas, St. Basil and Epiphany.

The history of the holiday

All believers January 19, remember how John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the river Jordan. According to three Gospels, during the baptism of Jesus the Holy Spirit descended as a dove.

Baptism is also tied to the date of an ancient feast of the Epiphany, celebrated January 6 (Epiphany, old style also celebrated on 6 January).

How to celebrate

In 2017, the Orthodox holiday falls on a Thursday. But the holiday starts the evening of 18 January is celebrated as Epiphany Eve. At this time people observe a strict fast.

On the eve of the 19th of January, Holy water in the temples in memory of the Savior through His Baptism sanctified the water. In the feast of the Epiphany to hallowed and sanctified the water in rivers and other bodies of water where we take water.

It is believed that consecrated water has got to keep for a year. Drink it during illness, but also during life’s adversities are to maintain the spirit.

In addition, 19 Jan believers it is a dip in the icy water with his head. Before diving into the hole to three times the sign of the cross and to experience with the words: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

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It is believed that it is necessary to dip 3 times, crisscrossing and making a prayer.

But be careful before diving, be sure to consult your doctor.


In Baptism, made fortunes. It is believed that this is supposedly the day with the greatest accuracy to know about your future.

Among the most popular predictions, when in the evening of the Epiphany, the girl leaves the house and walks down the street, looking carefully at the faces of passers-by – if the first on the way she meets a young man – it is very likely that this year she gets married, if a passer-by – man, then the marriage is worth waiting for a while.

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Another divination is suitable for girls and for boys. For this you need to go outside and ask passers — name women men, men women. According to accept, so it will call the future bride or groom.