What is dangerous for Ukraine risks that were discussed in Davos

Recently at the world economic forum in Davos, the international experts identified three categories of global risks facing the world have to face this year. According to experts, in three of the biggest threats included natural disasters, geopolitical upheaval, and technological risks.

“Today” figured out what world of dangers can threaten Ukraine. Place in the ranking
for each category of risk was determined on the basis of the frequency of such events in 2016. For example, placing natural risks in the first position, the experts said that the number of possible extreme weather conditions, natural disasters in the past year only strengthens the likelihood of environmental disasters in the future. Thus, despite a series of world conflicts, Champions of last year — geopolitical risks — at this time was in the second position. The experts said, a large number of major terrorist attacks, conflicts between States led to the fact that many countries have severely tightened security, highlighting the fight against terrorism is increasingly a budget: establish ubiquitous camera surveillance, system-terror in public places and strengthen the ranks of law enforcement. All this somewhat reduces the risk of recurrence of such events. And in third place in the ranking for the first time were technological risks — cyber attacks and fraud with personal data databases, the number of which is growing steadily every year.

THREAT TO US. The experts told us which of the categories of global risks the most urgent for Ukraine, and also called threats that are not in the world rankings, but they are relevant to us. “For us now the geopolitical risks are much more relevant than the others, so I would put them in the projection on the Ukraine in the first place, — the Director of the Center for the study of international relations Mykola Kapitonenko. — The international situation around Ukraine is bad and could be worse.” The expert notes that if we are talking about global challenges, opportunities of individual States is limited — requires international cooperation. “Therefore, Ukraine needs to focus on becoming a country with developed democracy and economy — it will help to relieve tension in us that prevails now in the European Union”. According to Kapitonenko, now Ukraine has the highest probability and internal destabilization. “While we remain a poor country are not effectively performing their functions. All this does not provide citizens basic social security, so the risks of internal conflicts in 2017 is still high.” To this adds that, if we talk about military conflict in the Donbas, the situation does not depend on the internal and external geopolitical factors.

NATURE. It seems that get the blood pumping Ukrainians in 2017 and weather. As told to us the main weather forecaster of the country Mykola Kulbida, over the last 20 years, the number of dangerous natural phenomena in Ukraine increased almost twice. “We are talking about the increased number of squalls, storms, tornadoes, floods, severe frosts and extreme heat, — said Kulbida. — Will be no exception and 2017, it is projected a large number of such phenomena. As for the near future, until the end of January is not expected neither severe frosts, nor large-scale floods, but in the summer definitely will be periods of heat and drought”.

ATTACKS AND HACKERS. In the SBU told us that now each region of Ukraine has a certain color, in accordance with the level of threat of terrorist attacks: the greatest likelihood of terrorist attacks in the Donbas (in areas of red color); the potential threat, that is, the blue color observed is the capital and the oblast, Dnipropetrovsk frontline and a few other areas. But overall, says the speaker of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya, levels of terrorist threats in Ukraine remains the same, not yet resolved the question of Donbass. In the secret service added that work to reduce to a minimum threats from not only militants of Donbass, but also international, “Although, by and large, from the latter, the danger is only theoretical.” But the interior Ministry are sounding the alarm that about 80% of the websites are protected from hackers badly, so unlikely to withstand an attack by even Amateur hackers, not to mention the professionals. No exception and the state register of private ownership that in 2016, has repeatedly been subjected to hacker attacks.

The risks of changing plans. Information announced by the experts in Davos have been taken into account, not only politicians, but businessmen. “In business, always calculating risks, both political and natural. For example, because of global warming and political risks the business can come to the conclusion that the number of casualties will increase, then you need to adjust their plans and investments”, — said political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko.