American journalists wrote to Trump’s open letter-warning

The American press corps wrote a few days before the inauguration of the President of the United States Donald trump’s open letter explaining how journalists see the relationship between the administration of the new President and the journalists corps.

“Over the past few days there have been reports that your press Secretary is considering to expel media from the White house. This is the pattern of behavior that has been visible throughout your campaign,” the letter reads.

Journalists reminded the Buddha how he had rejected the publication access to his campaign, threatened them with lawsuits and insulted on Twitter for individual journalists.

The letter also noted that although the Constitution protects freedom of the press, but it does not dictate how the President should fulfill this requirement. The press corps has promised details to follow the work of the new government, not to give the word to those officials who openly distort the truth and to decide when to give the speakers and deputies trump the ability to speak “off the record” (“off the record” – ed.). “If you think you can close the door before the noses of journalists who disagree with your rules, you will see written above”, – added in the letter.

The press corps also intend to unite and set up higher standards of work than ever before. “We’re playing the long game. In the best scenario, you will be in this job for eight years. We’ve been here since the founding of the Republic, and our role in this great democracy was ratified and strengthened,” – said in an open letter. In the end they wished the President-elect to enjoy his inauguration.

Earlier it was reported that the US President-elect Donald trump cursed representatives of the largest American media at an informal meetingheld in November last year in a skyscraper, “trump tower” in new York.