The US army in Northern Germany. Again where are the tanks

The cold war had recently returned to Northern Germany, and H. Behrens (Behrens Herbert) felt it. When a week ago Saturday, U.S. soldiers set foot in his homeland, a breath of cold wind swept through the Bremerhaven. Policies Behrens stood in front of the microphone at the Kaiserhafen along with some of his supporters. “The world instead of sabre-rattling”, the following inscription can be read on the blue poster with the image of a dove. Meanwhile, in a fenced area next to each other rolled out of the giant ship the next tanks of the us army. It’s gone.

It’s almost like before. Almost. Here one is discharged more than 2 thousand units of weapons and 4 thousand US troops to protect Europe from Russia. And there are some demonstrators, who fear that the Pentagon may their actions to provoke a world war. “Here it is preparing for war,” — said the Deputy of Bundestag from the left Behrens, 62. And it was important to say this here because it is selected from this region.

And this time, they failed to prevent it. For more than a week tank brigade of the American army moves towards Poland and the Baltic States, on trucks and in rail cars, she crossed several States of Germany. The third brigade of the fourth infantry division from Fort Carson in Colorado to strengthen the Eastern border of Europe West of Russia.

The MP of the left said that all this is “terrible Déjà-vu”

Operation “Atlantic Resolve” is considered a response from Washington on the annexation by Moscow of Crimea and the conflict in Ukraine. Not least Poland, Estonia or Latvia are afraid of Vladimir Putin. This is one of the major movements of the American army on European soil in recent decades. On the way the us military were a number of German cities. The city of Osterholz-Scharmbeck Herbert Behrens — one of them.

For him, the former trade unionist, all of this is “scary Déjà-vu”. The Americans had already been there once, really a long time. From the only harbour of Bremerhaven they sent their loads after the Second world war. In 1958 with the transport warship General Randall there came ashore recently called up for military service of Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley), a memorial sign in connection with the arrival of the king of rock ‘ n ‘ roll in the flesh, hanging in the cruise terminal Meter 700. Later, the development has gone in such a way that the American army is gone. It remains only restaurant “the Last snack bar before new York” (Letzte Kneipe vor New York).

In may 2016, the city administration said that “the past is still active relic of the USA during the cold war in Bremerhaven” is a story. Building 1 of the former barracks Carl-Schulz was closed and demolished; it was a half-timbered house from which AFN (American forces radio station — approx. TRANS.) led their broadcasts, and in the end there was placed the last part of the American troops in Northern Germany.

Then on this place was built a railway station the harbour. And now?

Just eight months after the epoch-making events in Bremerhaven came three giant cargo ship. On such vessels are usually sent Volkswagen or BMW in the USA or the far East, as well as Nissan or Toyota in Europe. And this time they brought their tracked vehicles with guns to protect the Eastern partners of NATO.