Donald trump held a meeting with experts on Latin America

The US President-elect Donald trump “suddenly” had a meeting with a number of experts on Latin America to get to know the problems of this continent, especially with regard to the migration forecasts for this year. Trump has met behind closed doors in new York with former Deputy Secretary of state for public Affairs David Duckenfield (David Duckenfield); expert on the Hispanic population in the United States Balseros Freddy (Freddy Balsera); former adviser to trump Florida Carlos jiménez (Carlos Giménez) and former Ambassador of Guatemala in Washington Ligorria Julio (Julio Ligorría).

Guatemalan diplomat is an expert on Latin American issues, particularly in the Northern triangle of Central America, one of the poorest and most criminogenic areas of the world where the US is headed the huge flows of immigrants.

After the meeting, held in trump tower, former Ambassador of Guatemala said that was appreciated by the elected President. “I took the opportunity to reiterate that Latin America needs strong government policies against corruption and strengthening justice in the quality of mechanisms that ensure the development of the most vulnerable segments,” said Ligorria.
The Guatemalan diplomat said the elected President of that Latin American immigrants should be viewed as “method of the solution and not the obstacle in the internal problems” of the US.

Balsera, a former adviser to Barack Obama, noted that trump is willing to open dialogue with representatives of business circles of the Western hemisphere, and the participants of the meeting agreed to assist in the provision of assistance in establishing contacts with representatives of the business community in Latin America.

Balser emphasized that the longstanding relationship between Carlos Gimenez and trump are a guarantee that in the near future be able to establish fruitful relations with representatives of the Latin American business community.

Central America, especially the Northern triangle is one of the most criminogenic areas of the world, although there are not fighting. The high level of violence causes mass emigration of the inhabitants to Mexico and the United States.

To improve the situation and create conditions for a normal life, in February last year, President Barack Obama asked Congress to allocate $ 750 million from the budget at 50.1 billion in 2017.

These 750 million will be a continuation of already approved in December by Congress, the amount is also a component of the $ 750 million that will be aimed at strengthening state institutions of the countries from which comes the largest number of illegal migrants: Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The complex of measures on rendering assistance is called the Plan of Union for the sake of prosperity.

After the election trump, bitterly opposed to the uncontrolled flow of immigrants, some American officials said that the US support of the Plan of Union for the prosperity secured.