The changing alliances in Syria and admiration for Russia, Hezbollah

It became known that Russia, which advocated settlement in Syria through negotiations, until recently, was in close cooperation with Hezbollah and appreciates this group.

Hezbollah in the Syrian war has become the most useful to the private player. The number of this Iranian-backed group, consisting of Lebanese Shiite militants on the battlefield in Syria, sometimes reaches ten thousand.

Hezbollah, which since its inclusion in the war in Syria has lost more than two thousand men, became a staunch ally of the Assad regime, in particular in the area of Deir-er-Zor.

With the active participation of Russia in the Syrian war in 2015, the group entered into close cooperation with the Russian army.

Their actions on the battlefield, Hezbollah has attracted the attention of Russia, and this group is dedicated to the rescue of the Assad regime, was perceived by Moscow as a “strong” ally.

Cooperation between Russia and Hezbollah

At the end of December in social networks appeared the image of the Russian commando in the form with the logo of Hezbollah.

These pictures were taken in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Yes, and the commander of Hezbollah in Aleppo said on the battlefield in Syria, they work in close cooperation with the Russians.

“We have amazing relations with Russia, – he noted. In some areas of Aleppo are Russian soldiers. They are in strategic areas to control the front line, to see how Hizbollah are fighting with the opposition, to reconnoitre. Sometimes they record the course of these operations.”

Why Russia admires Hezbollah?

The reason why Russia oversees the operations of Hezbollah and tapes them, the commander of this group explains that the Russian had been impressed with the tactics and morale of Hizbollah.

It is noted that the admiration of the Russian army “Hezbollah” was also associated with the actions of this group during the operation in Saraqib, launched by opposition forces in late October last year with the aim to break the siege on East Aleppo.

Hezbollah and regime forces suffered heavy losses in the fighting with opposition forces. The fact that this group lost about 35 soldiers associated with active participation of these forces in operations.

Russian support “of Hezbollah and Shiite fighters from the air in Aleppo

Cooperation between Russia and Hezbollah manifested itself on 24 November 2016.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Ahbar, known for his closeness to Hezbollah, wrote that between this group and the high-ranking Russian military held its first direct and official negotiations on the last stage of the war in Aleppo.

The newspaper noted that the request for the meeting followed from Russia. In these negotiations it was decided that Russia until the end of the operation in Aleppo to help the air strikes, Hezbollah and others fighting on the ground, Iranian-backed Shiite militants.

The commander of Hizbollah, noting that the Russians are reliable partners, said: “Aviation support Russian brought certainty to the situation on the battlefield. Because the airstrikes of the regime was very weak and often did not reach the goal.”

After the regime focused on developments in Aleppo and the expansion of controlled areas, cooperation between Russia and Hezbollah, it seems, lost its former importance.

A joint decision is contrary to the interests of Hizbollah

The settlement of the Syrian issue through General agreement would not meet the interests of Hezbollah in Syria.

The Hezbollah’s patron Iran is using the conflict in Syria, through Syria and Iraq strengthen its security and increase its influence in the region extending to Lebanon, and from there to the Mediterranean sea. And for this purpose he is using internal and external groups, trying to change the demographic structure of the region.

Hezbollah is strengthening its military infrastructure in poorly controlled regime areas of Syria and especially for Syrian-Lebanese border. Due to this, Hezbollah will not only provide a continuous flow of weapons from Iran, but at the same time will create conditions for learning and reinforcement in case of clashes with Israel.

In other words, and Hezbollah, and its patron Iran wish to continue to feed the conflict in Syria and the weakness of Assad.

Russia, in the end, you will understand

Meanwhile, the main desire of Russia is due to the fact that the Assad regime and the opposition sat at the negotiating table, and as a result of these talks in Damascus had created a strong Central government.

As noted in the statements that at the end of December was made by Turkey, the Syrian opposition forces insist that Hezbollah and all other foreign groups supporting the regime, have left Syria.

This situation will cause a heavy blow to Hezbollah and Iran in Syria.

Moscow, despite the fact that she believes Hezbollah is a strong ally in Syria, in the end, you will see that truly committed to this group to Iran, and that its interests she would prefer to serve.