430-pound Pakistani decided to become a modern Hercules

Weighing 430 pounds of Pakistani, Arab Heather Hayat declared himself the strongest man in the world, and also expressed a desire to go down in history as a modern Hercules. About it writes Daily Mail.

25-year-old man said he plans to become a professional wrestler and champion in powerlifting.

“It’s only a matter of time,” he said.

According to Hulk, as he was called Hayat compatriots (in honor of the superhero from Marvel comics), he is grateful to God for your physique and would like to weigh even more. For this man consumes in a day 10 thousand calories: in particular, he eats 36 eggs for Breakfast, more than three kilograms of meat and about five liters of milk a day.

The growth of Hayat is 190 centimeters. According to the Pakistani, he has no health problems related to his size.

“And I don’t feel uncomfortable in the weight”, — he stressed.

The strongest man in the world is American Brian Shaw. The champion is determined annually at the international competition World’s Strongest Man.

The heaviest man in the world of the living is recognized as a resident of Saudi Arabia Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari. It weighs 610 pounds.