The Cabinet has replaced the baby-boxes-for financial aid: which will impose restrictions

The government at the meeting supported the decision on the issuance of cash assistance for young parents

The initiative of the Ministry of social policy about the replacement of “package boy” on compensation was supported at the Cabinet meeting. Decision adopted with modifications for three days.

The Minister of social policy of Ukraine Marina Lazebnaya said that “kid packs” will continue to issue in the regions where they are available, until then, until the end of the leftovers. And for the rest set a one-time assistance in the amount of 5 000 UAH, to her parents will be able within 12 months from the date of birth of the baby. However, the use of these funds has certain limitations.

Baby box in Ukrainian: four stories from parents

“To provide discovery to the people whose child was born, the accounts with special regime of use and to give them special social map. To establish that parents can apply within 12 months of the date of birth of the child and themselves throughout the year to spend the cash compensation only for buying baby clothes, shoes, hygiene products, textiles, toys and hygiene products for pregnant women,” said Lazebnaya.

To buy this card can also be used in certain stores – those that spetsializiruyutsya products for mother and child and with whom the government will enter into a contract.