RAID USA in the heart of the IG

Monday, January 9, us military sources have confirmed to the Newspapers The Washington Post and The New York Times, that Sunday was published on the Internet secret network of journalists opposing the Assad regime in force in the district of Deir-ez-Zor in Syria: in the middle of the day there was a RAID by American special forces to capture or destroy the leaders of the Islamic state (banned terrorist organization) in the so-called corridor of the Euphrates, that is, on the segment which is used by fighters to move from Iraq to Syria and back. So, while the Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” leaves the country in the framework of the Declaration of Moscow on “withdrawal” (rather, it is the rotation of forces: in addition, the carrier is approaching the Libyan coast, perhaps under another propaganda operation with a new ally Benghazi, General Khalifa Haftarot), American military from Delta Force regularly waging war against terrorists.

Witnesses say that the American military forces arrived in four helicopters at 14:45, intercepted the vehicle on the road between the two villages, blocked roads, which led to the action, and after an hour and a quarter left, capturing a few prisoners. were interpreters that spoke Arabic (they are kept in the side of a passing civilian) in the air meanwhile, to protect the were at least two fighters. The Pentagon has yet to provide details of the operation, however, the newspaper the New York Times, an anonymous source said, “Nothing special, business as usual”, as if giving to understand that the American special forces regularly perpetrate such a landing in broad daylight in enemy territory.

Despite the moderate foreign policy in the middle East, the us intelligence apparatus and the armed forces quickly acts to detain, isolate, destroy or capture the leaders of the Islamic state, especially those engaged in so-called external operations, that is, attacks in Western countries. 31 December us aircraft with the sighting of the bombing dealt a blow to Mohamed al-Issawi, the leader of external operations. Among others killed in December again in raqqa were two French and one Tunisian national. These are the actions of “the crowd”: that is when you pursue and capture its target, gathering enough information in order to strike at others.

Raqqa recently turned into a shooting range for drones, perhaps, this operation, which took place a little South, too, something to do with the rest. The leaders move to the South to escape persecution, they risk, they find themselves outside the city, sometimes because of pressure in breach of their safety rules and be trapped.

The air attack is located near the village of Tibni, which in September received notoriety due to the gruesome video of an Islamic state, terrible even by the brutal standards of this group: there are about 20 young people accused of spying for the Coalition, was hanged by the feet to the hooks in a slaughterhouse, after which their throats were slit in accordance with the procedure of “Halal” (the blood flowed into the holes in the floor to the last drop). The video was so cruel as to create an atmosphere of deterrence against locals and any attempt to spy and transmit Coalition forces data and the location of an Islamic state along the Euphrates corridor. But this only provoked a rebellion among the local population, but it was rudely suppressed. It is not known whether conducted in the area of American operations, the consequence of those actions.

The corridor of the Euphrates is the area pursuit, which often occur American raids, because this area is vital for movement between Iraq and Syria: it’s the only route after during the siege of Mosul in Iraq was cut way communications with another Syrian capital, Raqqa. In may 2015 the Delta Force conducted the first secret RAID into Syria to capture Abu Sayyaf leader who is in contact with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: they confiscated a computer and other valuable materials. March 25, 2016, all in the same area of Dair-ez-Zor American commandos seized a car Abu Ali al-Anbari, the former leader of the Islamic state, which has the status of legend, which, however, preferred to blow themselves up than to surrender alive. But what about Russian, if they pursue leaders of the Islamic state? At the moment, there are no reports of performing at least one operation.