Danyluk does not want to return accidentally eliminated the tax police

The Ministry of Finance will submit to Cabinet of Ministers a bill on the establishment of the financial police and to legalize the tax police no longer necessary. This was announced by Finance Minister Alexander danyluk.

“At the end of 2016 due to a technical error, the Verkhovna Rada has announced the tax police outside the law from 1 January 2017”, – Danilyuk wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to the Minister, return of tax police not need.

“Whether or not to correct the error, again legalizing repressive tax police? You obviously don’t. We must move forward,” – said danyluk.

Danilyuk noted that the development of this bill has been completed. The document stipulates a number of principles, based on which the planned establishment of the Financial police:

  • replacement of the power of the analytical approach;
  • downsizing from 15 thousand to 2.5 thousand people;
  • non-interference in the work of an honest business;
  • the renewal of staff through transparent and independent competition Commission, the number of representatives of the power block in the state shall not exceed 25%;
  • wages, which will reduce the risk of corruption and provide an opportunity to attract the best people.

“We plan to submit the draft law to the government for consideration at the next meeting and after approval to submit the draft to Parliament. In this bill it is desirable that the deputies still avoided a “technical error”, – said danyluk.

Recall that came into effect January 1, 2017 the Tax code , the tax police was abolished. The people’s Deputy Tetiana Ostrikova offers three solution to the problem: to clarify that this is a technical error, to make changes to the Tax code or to endorse the law on financial police.