Unusual ways to use coffee

Well-known fact that coffee invigorates with caffeine. Coffee beans and he flavored drink help us to restore tone and to get in shape after physical and mental stress.

But caffeine has many other equally useful qualities, writes “Lisa”. Even in small concentrations, it gives a unique spicy tinge to the taste of some well-known products. And various useful means on the basis of coffee you can to prepare myself!

For the tone and the mood: coffee-banana milkshake

You’re tired, dozing and looking at the weather outside the window, limp? Restore vitality and regain a positive attitude, and prepare yourself a tasty and invigorating treat. 100 milliliters of cold milk and coffee mix, add a coffee Cup of ice cream and a few bananas. All of this few minutes, whipped in a blender. Fatigue and melancholy as a hand lift! And how to be in “severe” cases, when and to cook something there is no desire? Then just keep in mind that caffeine use is to give a special aroma and flavor in many modern drinks and delicacies that you will find in the nearest supermarket.

For youthful skin: coffee mask around the eyes

Coffee contains linoleic acid restores skin elasticity and prevents aging. Make a mask for the skin around the eyes: dissolve 1 tablespoon of rye flour cold coffee (until thick sour cream), add 1 egg yolk, apply on the area around the eyes, after 15 minutes wash the mask with warm water and apply a nourishing cream.

To cleanse the skin: coffee scrub

Clean skin will help peel out of coffee. Take one tablespoon of coffee grounds, the beauty of clay and powdered lemon peel, mix it all, pour boiling water and add a little salt. Let the coffee mixture cool, then apply it on face and leave for 5-10 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.

Hair: coffee hair mask

The mask of coffee will help to strengthen hair and give it a light shade of coffee, of course, completely natural. Coffee grounds, resulting from the preparation of conventional coffee (2 tablespoons), mix with two egg yolks, add a half-teaspoon of burdock oil and a little cognac. Mix, apply the mixture and massage it evenly distributed on the scalp and hair. Wrapped head – and after about 15 minutes you can wash your hair with shampoo. Periodically pet hair this mask – and she will Shine!

The aroma of fresh coffee (preferably from freshly ground beans!) can cheer up and lift your spirits as quickly as a Cup of strong drink. And this pleasant smell stimulates the immune system and improves brain function. So to improve yourself enough to periodically sessions of “coffee aromatherapy”!