Ukrainian sweets are losing popularity abroad

For 2016 Ukraine sold abroad, 6% less confectionery than in the previous year. Only in natural terms the export of sweets made 219,45 thousand tons, according to data of the State fiscal service (GFS).

In monetary terms, the export of “confectionaries” fell even more – by 10.5%, amounting to 350,23 million dollars.

Most strongly reduced the overseas chocolate – 13.6%. Also fell export of flour confectionery 7.2%. At the same time 2% increased sales of “confectionaries” without cocoa.

The main buyers of sweets from Ukraine were Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Turkmenistan.

Import “confectionaries” in Ukraine also fell year – on 5,5%, to 34.4 thousand tons. The main suppliers were Germany, Poland, Turkey, Netherlands, Bulgaria.

As reported, Ukraine also loses the export of eggs. In 2016 exported them in money terms and 1.7 times less than in the previous year.