Scientists have discovered how dangerous smartphones for kids

Korean scientists have come to the conclusion that children performing behind the screen of the smartphone from three hours and more often than their less susceptible to the influence of modern gadgets peers, suffer from dry eye syndrome (DES), writes “Orthodox”.

To RESS the symptoms have disappeared, children had to use smartphones within a month.

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the body is unable to produce enough tears. The eyes become red and irritable. It felt like they hit the sand.

Typically, SSG is diagnosed in older people. Recently, however, the disease is rapidly beginning to look younger, syndrome was seen even in children. Scientists believe that the reason lies in the craze with smartphones.

To confirm this theory, Korean scientists conducted a study of 916 children aged seven to 12 years. During eye exam it was found that 6.6% of the subjects were already dry eye syndrome. Almost all of them used smartphones for 3.2 hours per day.

With almost half of the more than healthy peers did not use gadgets, and among the rest were sitting behind the screen of a mobile phone on average for 37 minutes a day.

Korean scientists were able to find more convincing proof of a connection, SSG, and the time spent for the phone.

So, children suffering from this syndrome, asked for a month to refrain from the use of the gadgets. As a result, the symptoms of the disease completely disappeared.

The expert edition of The Independent advises parents who want to protect children from the harmful effects of smartphones on health, but can not completely eliminate the gadgets from their lives, not to give children a mobile device for an hour before sleep, and also to ensure that the child does not spend for screen mobile for more than two hours in a row.