In the one-party Hollywood

Last weekend in Los Angeles hosted the 74th annual ceremony of award of awards “Golden globe” established by the community of journalists of foreign media accredited to Hollywood. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the movie stars Meryl Streep, in which she lashed out at President Donald trump — as a living embodiment of values, contrary to the modern civilized mind.

Republicans and Hollywood collide for the first time. However, such precursors trump, Ronald Reagan and Bush and Bush senior, endured criticism from chinaestablished silently, not expecting a warm support of the masses. Trump did not remain in debt to Meryl Streep and in his characteristic manner, replied via Twitter that he considered her a mediocre actress with a bloated reputation, as well as the “supporter of Hillary Clinton” and the Democratic party.


“Two months earlier, I almost lost my mind, so I will read a piece of paper” — began his speech at the ceremony “Golden globe” Meryl Streep, hinting at how shocked her election Donald trump President of the United States. The actress thanked the corps of foreign journalists in Hollywood, saying that they embody “all the hate in America today: Hollywood, foreign, press.” Then Meryl Streep continued thinking about the aliens and the cinema:

— Amy Adams was born in Italy; Natalie Portman in Jerusalem; amazing Ruth Negga in Ireland, not in Ethiopia, and was nominated for the role of female provincial from Virginia. Ryan Gosling, like all the nicest people on Earth canadian. Dev Patel was born in Kenya, raised in London and plays in his latest film Indian from Tasmania. Where are their birth certificates?— exclaimed the actress hints at how Obama’s opponents demanded that he represent the original metric, proving that he was born in the United States and therefore entitled to be President. Hollywood is a refuge of outsiders, of immigrants, both from other parts of America and from abroad. If you expel us, then the country will be nothing left, except American football and martial arts, which is the truth and no skills are not. The only calling of the actor to get into character of people who are different from us, and allow us to feel what they are going through.

According to public opinion polls, one of the most discussed and painful for the American society of antics trump became his verbal duel with the New York Times correspondent Serge by Kowalewski suffering from arthrogryposis, a congenital disease of the musculoskeletal system. In 2015, the year after the terrorist attacks in Paris, trump, citing article Kovalevsky fifteen years ago, stated that the Arabs living under new York, huddled in a circle and danced after the terrorist attacks that destroyed the twin towers of the world trade center. The journalist replied that trump it misquoted. “Kovalevsky is a liar, fulfilling the order of their cartridges, which I hate,” declared trump, backed by the prosecution gestures, similar to seizures in patients with arthrogryposis. In consequence then just the presidential candidate were justified, that didn’t mean to offend the disabled, and just wanted to shame him. Recounting the episode at the ceremony “Golden globe” Meryl Streep crying, crying, and several Actresses in the audience.

It was the moment when the man who struggled to lead the country, parodied reporter with disabilities, which it surpasses in the privileges, power and ability to fight back. It broke my heart and still haunts me, because it was not a movie. It was real life. Contempt breeds contempt, violence provokes violence. When the powerful of this world use their position to humiliate others, we all lose. We need that kind of press, so she was able to call the authorities to account, call her on the carpet for all these offenses,” said Strip.

About the award “Golden globe” speech, Meryl Streep, and how the Hollywood establishment has become predominantly democratic, in an interview with radio Liberty, says the columnist of the weekly Weekly Standard Philip Terzian:

— Prize “Golden globe” was born over 70 years ago. First, no one took seriously, and the stars any appreciable magnitude at the ceremony did not appear. What to the “Golden globe” now the attitude is very respectful, a result of the successful PR work of the founders and their followers, who turned the joke of Hollywood get-together in the ceremony, broadcast by Central television in Prime time. Still no one really understands what the Association of foreign journalists in Hollywood, has founded this award. I worked for several years in the Los Angeles Times, he lived near Hollywood and have never encountered such a entity as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In the 80s the award “Golden globe” the Studio would simply buy the actor if he wanted to hang another regalia on the wall. In the last 10-15 years “Golden globe” along with the prizes of the Guild of film Directors has acquired an additional, I may say, weight, as a kind of springboard to the Oscars. But the Oscars, let’s be honest, does not reflect the quality of the movies, and box office figures. And polysyllabic vnutrisosudistye intrigue.

— Meryl Streep presented the award for services to the film, which bears the name of Cecil DeMille.

— Cecil DeMille, an outstanding figure in the early era of Hollywood, was a man of very conservative views, zealous Republican and anti-Communist. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that only a tiny handful of left-liberal celebrities gathered at the ceremony, knew any details of his biography. I would say that until about the mid 60-ies of the last century, Hollywood was politically right rather than left. Today, he is a purely one-party and left. If in the era of McCarthyism have been discriminated against people with Pro-Communist sentiments, at the present time for a career novice actor, writer or Director absolutely disastrous, if reveals that he sympathizes with the Republicans. Clint Eastwood doesn’t count his career in film at the end. Moreover, the Hollywood over the past half century, in General, fairly politicized: I can’t imagine Barbara Stanwyck or Howard hawks, receiving the award in his acceptance speech said, “thank you very much, and by the way Dwight Eisenhower is complete bullshit and nothing.” They thought this could not come.

— What can you say about the speech Meryl Streep?

I don’t see her talking any sense, except for self-promotion and narcissism. Hollywood stars put themselves so highly that, should anyone Express the slightest disagreement with their views as it will immediately write in the misanthrope. Is repeatedly rewarded, titled, fabulously wealthy and revered in Hollywood Meryl Streep is afraid that she or her colleagues threatened than any Republican President? If she was really afraid of trump, it is unlikely that would have happened to the rostrum daring him to argue. The strip was in full safety, physical and psychological. She was surrounded by like-minded people, and she knew that no one, except, maybe, Mel Gibson, her words across will not tell. Leftists believe that conservatives don’t know life outside of their little world that they did not decent read and nothing in the world has not seen. They allegedly unaware that America is a country of immigrants, including, among other things, two wives of the elected President. How else to explain the completely absurd assumption of the Strip like trump intends to expel all foreigners? Arrogance it does not hold. Act genuine, not imaginary, courage at the award ceremony “Golden globe” would not blaspheme trump, and say the Republicans something flattering.

— You said 50-60 years ago the ideological orientation of Hollywood has changed 180 degrees. What happened?

— A tectonic shift in the class basis of the two leading political parties. First, the Democratic party relied on the poor proletarians, the urban and the rural and petty bourgeois of the cities. The backbone of the Republicans consisted of entrepreneurs, bankers and intellectual elite of the University. Today, all really turned exactly 180 degrees. People from the world of cinema and theatre in Los Angeles or new York, hold in everyday life, liberal attitudes, simply feel psychologically comfortable among educated, cosmopolitan Democrats, and unwittingly begins to align cultural values with party affiliation. A similar split occurred in the other groups.