How to change the subsidies in 2017

This year the grant has allocated a record amount of UAH 51 billion. The government is actively discussing the possibility of introducing monetization to pay the subsidy money. In addition, this year subsidianes waiting for another innovation – the standards of consumption that is charged to “utilities discount” plan to revise.

According to a source “Segodnya” in the Cabinet of Ministers, standards of consumption of plan to reduce. First and foremost we are talking about gas consumption. Presumably, instead of 5.5 cubic meters of gas for heating one square meter of housing plan to allocate 4 cubic meter. The new rules can enter into force in may 2017. Thus, the government will allocate a subsidy for the smaller volume of gas. Ukrainians will have to reduce their consumption, or for “extra” to pay for the full cost.

Zamglavy, Department of “Naftogaza” Alex, Habacuc sure the standards too high. According to the calculations of “Naftogaz”, the real Ukrainians use 4 cubic meters. Note, for several years in Ukraine the rate of gas consumption was reduced twice – from 11 to 5.5 cubic meters per square meter. Earlier in the apartment of 30 square meters subsidy “covers” 330 cubic meters of gas, after declining standards – only 165 cubic meters.

However, the main innovation, which is scheduled for 2017 – the monetization of subsidies. “The monetization of subsidies discussed in the Cabinet. The Prime Minister, the World Bank and the working group of the Cabinet. The government thinks about it. Finally the realization that monetization is necessary, there”, – said the representative of the Ministry of Finance, the head of the office of reforms Yana Bugrimova.

The Cabinet believe that if the money for grants to give to Ukrainians “on hand”, will have an incentive to save – less spent on bills, the more money is left. If now the “saved” funds be transferred to the following month, coming in 2017, the money can give “hands on”. Now the government is considering two main monetization models. The first is to pay money Teplokommunenergo (CTV), which will offset the subsidies, the second is to transfer the money allocated for subsidies directly to consumers. The second model also has several variants. On the card can list all the money, and the Ukrainians will be able to spend them at its discretion, or the card will list only the savings, if the grantee used the resources provided by a social norm.

Experts also agree that you need to implement a system of verification of recipients of social benefits, to look for not only “dead souls” and those who made a purchase in the amount of 50 thousand UAH, but those who hide their real income. “Not doing this, go to monetization is a multiplication problem. The motivation for fraud will increase,” – said the representative of “Naftogaza” Alex, Habacuc.