Read President Poroshenko called favorite books in 2016

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko summed up their last year and built the list of favorite books that I have read in 2016.

The TOP 6 books that interested the Ukrainian President, was published on the blogging platform Medium.

1. “Spogad”, Pavlo Skoropadsky

Great Russians say: “No Ukraine will not” and I said, “whatever happens, Ukraine in one form or another will be. You cannot force the river to go against the flow, so it is with people, its not forced to abandon their ideals “

2. “25 Peremoga Ukraine”, Oleksandr Pali

In Ukraine’s history have been periods when large-scale enemy attack was reflected at several a year. To survive in such an attractive and desirable to the enemies of the land, our ancestors could not win.

3. “Temple”, Sergiy Zhadan

When you stand under the skies of winter, and the heavens turn around and run away, you know that we have to live where you are not afraid of death.

4. “Secondhand time” Svetlana Alexievich

No we are not taught how to be free. We just learned how to die for freedom.

5. Anthology ukraïnskoï poet of the twentieth century, “A-BA-BA-ha-La-mA-ha”

Interesting and unique collection of Ukrainian poetry, dozens of well-known and lesser-known names: Pavel Tychina, Bogdan-Igor Antonych, Oswald Burkhard (Yuriy Klen), Mikhail Semenko, Elena Teliga, Oleg Olzhych.

6. “Kazimir Malevich. Kiski period 1928-1930 “, Tetyana Filevska

This book is about the Kiev period in the life of “the most famous resident of Kiev of the world” is a thorough compendium of the heritage of Kazimir Malevich in Kiev.