The terrorist attack in Turkey: new details

In Turkey the Governor of the Izmir province in the center of which, Izmir, exploded and killed two people, ayyildiz Ereli, said that, according to preliminary indications, the attack is forbidden, and recognized the separatist armed terrorist group “PKK”, reports “Radio Freedom”.

Responsibility for the explosion of a car bomb outside the courthouse in this third largest city of Turkey no one has not picked.

According to reports, the explosion killed a police officer and employee of the court, when three attackers with grenades and machine guns drove the car with explosives to a checkpoint near the court and blew up your car. Two of the attackers then shot by the police, the third escaped and is still looking. Also as a result of the blast wounded 10 people.

Consular service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, citing data from the Consulate General of Ukraine in Turkey, reports that no Ukrainians among victims of explosion in Izmir.

“The explosion in Izmir: the Consulate General of Ukraine reported that Ukrainians among the victims there,” – stated in the message of consular service of the foreign Ministry in the microblog in Twitter.