The Cabinet is called the size of salaries, and Ministers

The salaries of the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman and the Ministers make up about 35 thousand hryvnias.

About this the state Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr Bondarenko said in the broadcast “Gromadske radio”.

According to him, Groisman gets “hands on” with all the allowances of 35 thousand hryvnia, the Ministers will receive about the same salaries.

According to Bondarenko, the employees of the Secretariat of the Cabinet receive from 9 to 12 thousand hryvnia per month, heads of departments from 12 to 15 thousand hryvnia.

The Secretary of state also announced what the salary assigned to it.

“I have a salary of 13 thousand hryvnias. Plus I have a bonus for seniority is 34% of salary, plus maybe a premium for labor intensity, if it sets the subject of the appointment of the government,” he said.

With allowances he will receive about 20 thousand hryvnias.