Sex machine: the robot is always cool

Sex with real people may soon be a relic of the past. By 2050, sex robots will replace man’s place in the bed. At least so says British researcher Ian Pearson (Ian Pearson).

In his report, “the Future of sex,” the mathematician and physicist outlines a future where brothels and strip clubs with robots become a normal part of life. Machines of metal, silicon and software will be able to fulfill all wishes of clients and tirelessly to spin around the pole. The fact that Pearson has published its report with the support of the British company specializing in sex toys, probably contributed to the fact that the future of sex is described as the future lying in the hands of robots.

“Once they and a market for them”

Dream producers — doll similar to the person that meets the partner’s reciprocity and allows a to do it all. For many people the sex with the robot is associated with something rough and nasty, because such a partner in the best case scenario behaves like the real one but is not.

On the other hand, in larger and larger areas of our lives we communicate with technology, not with people. IPhone Siri, taxi we can call with the chat bot. Is equipment will soon play a big role in our bedroom, according to Pearson?

“There is a wide range of different sex dolls and robots,” says researcher Julie carpenter (Julie Carpenter), studying for many years the interaction between people and robots. “But the idea of a machine that will fulfill all the desire is still far from reality.” American notes: “We need to talk about the ethical and legal issues, which are not sex robots. Because once they, and the market for them.”

How sex toys need to get smart

Industry manufacturers of sex toys have long been working not only on surface characteristics but also on linguistic. These dolls as a manufacturer of Roxxxy True Companion, according to information on the company’s website, “always cool and ready for conversation or games”, and depending on settings can be bold or shy — at least in English. German language these dolls haven’t learned.

American firm RealDoll relies on dolls with which their owners can carry on a conversation. New models need to memorize the information heard from the owner, and through the language module to be able to Express pleasure. It is also planned to create a special virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift.

Sex robots prostitutes of the future?

So far, the sex dolls that represent more than just a rubber doll, it’s a niche product. Per day on average is one of these cost about 6 euros. Therefore, the estimated consumer such expensive dolls — brothels, where their use will pay off quickly.

In the future brothels with the use of robots will be able to offer the clients safely, cheaply and without fear to indulge their sexual fantasies. In addition, when you have sex with a robot in compliance with hygienic recommendations less likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

However, people come to the brothel isn’t physical intimacy with a man? “Often, it is important for clients to be accepted with their own unique sexuality,” says Undine de rivière (Undine de Riviere) of the Federal enterprises of the sphere of rendering of intimate services. Sometimes someone need a hug, says Riviere.

Even a little research

Sex robots that can not offer. The researcher carpenter is also skeptical about whether using sex robots to solve the problem of trafficking in women for prostitution.

However, the treatment of victims of sexual violence humanoid robots can be useful, says carpenter. “Still too few studies which prove these assumptions. But if we imagine a robot similar to human, then it will be potential use in therapeutic purposes.”

A sex robot as a projection — a threat to people?

The similarity between robots and humans see a problem. After all, what will happen to the people if the differences between a real sexual partner and a doll will be eroded?

Is it good if, for example, aggressive people will splash out on a sex doll your anger? Whether this will lead to a threat to people? Will the pedophiles to Express their inclinations to the children of sex-robots?

The philosopher from Stuttgart, Katrin Misselhorn (Catrin Misselhorn), fears that the expression of such fantasies on robots can lead to the fact that such actions can be applied in reality. Because to meet important “to imagine that they have contact not only with a sex robot, but a real person who cause violence,” said the philosopher.

However, sexual violence against robots is not necessarily correlated with the real violence. However, it is necessary to separate the legal and ethical issues from each other. Not everything that people think is immoral, should lead to legal penalties.

The researcher carpenter believes that robots will look like robots. “We know we are dealing with a robot, and not with a man because I bought him as a robot.”