Maria Muzychuk did not go to the world championship in rapid chess due to lack of funds

Former world chess champion Mariya Muzychuk did not participate in the world championship in rapid and blitz, which was held in Qatar, due to lack of funding.

In an interview with the Gal-info was told by the sister of the Lviv chess players Anna Muzychuk, who became world champion in rapid and blitz in Qatar.

“In Qatar, she decided not to go because she had not paid for these competitions. This decision she took, it I didn’t have any effect. I told her that she was going for their money, but it has no effect. Would Maria would be the other draw. And who knows how it would have happened for me,” said Anna Muzychuk.

We will remind, the Lvov Anna Muzychuk became the world champion in rapid and blitz during the world championship, held in December 2016 in Qatar. In the same competitions of the world rapid chess champion became famous Lviv grandmaster Vasily Ivanchuk.