Japan recalls Ambassador to South Korea because of a monument to sex slaves

The Japanese government withdraw its Ambassador from South Korea in response to the installation of the monument the so-called comfort women in South Korea’s Busan opposite the Consulate General of Japan. About atom with reference to the BBC news Лига.net.

Japanese authorities have decided to temporarily recall its Consul General from Pusan, and its Ambassador in Seoul.

“Comfort women” – a euphemism used for Koreans who were forcibly forced to work in brothels of the Japanese army during the Second world war.

According to the official Korean authorities, during the war some 200 thousand women from Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia were forced to become so-called comfort women for Japanese soldiers. In South Korea, the living of them were several dozen.

After several years of negotiations in late 2015, the foreign Ministers of Japan and South Korea endorsed the agreement on the issue of sexual slavery during the Second world war.

During the talks in Seoul by the representatives of Japan for the first time apologized for the use of Korean women in brothels.

Japan also announced the creation of a Fund of $ 8 million dollars to help women, who were used as sex slaves.

It is worth noting that many activists in South Korea oppose this agreement.

A monument to sex slaves mounted in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul in 2011, remains in its place. Now activists have erected a similar statue by the same sculptor in Busan at the end of last month.