KOBOLEV said that Ukraine should be to preserve the status of a transit country

Ukraine to preserve the status of the transit countries must involve a European company to manage its gas transport system (GTS), the head of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andriy KOBOLEV.

“The ultimate goal of this process (the creation of a separate operator GTS – ed.) is the involvement of European companies … So they had an interest. We actually want to share a part of your business so that they can help us to ensure that after 2019, the transit through the territory of Ukraine remain,” – he said on air “channel 5” on Wednesday evening.

According to him, currently his interest in the management of the Ukrainian GTS showed only three companies that lead the relevant negotiations.

Korolev reminded that in case of implementation of Gazprom projects for the construction of two lines of the “Turkish stream and Nord stream-2” Russia will be able to abandon the gas transit through Ukraine’s GTS.

“In my opinion, without the involvement of European companies in Ukrainian transit, to keep it on the territory of Ukraine will be very difficult, because on the other hand there is a very powerful opponent who actually makes the Europeans very interesting offer, saying, let us for your money will build you another pipe,” he said.

At the same time, the head of “Naftogaz” noted that the refusal of transit of Russian gas through Ukraine’s GTS in the future due to the lack of additional competition will increase the cost of transit for Europe.

“The second step will be difficult for the Europeans. If this happens, and the Ukrainian GTS will cease to be in transit, then the gas (going for the bypass streams – ed.) of a cheap will become expensive. All you have to pay once, but not everyone understands this, unfortunately,” – said KOBOLEV.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in November 2016, has decided to create PJSC “Main gas pipelines of Ukraine” in the framework of the separation of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” on activities. By decision of the government, the property used at the present time PJSC “Ukrtransgaz” for the transportation of gas, to be delivered to “the Magician” within 30 days from the date of entry into force of the final decision of the Stockholm arbitration in the dispute between “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and Russian “Gazprom”.

Ukrtransgaz, 100% owned by NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, operates a system of trunk pipelines and 12 underground gas storages of the country. Throughput of Ukraine’s GTS at the entrance is 288 billion cubic meters.