How to become a star Instagram — quirks and tricks from the experts

Today almost every Ukrainian has profiles in different social networks. One enough to chat with friends, while others manage to be popular to have numerous subscribers, to always be in the thick of things and even earn on it. We learned how to promote yourself in different social networks. In our first submission to share your secrets the specialists of “Instagram”.


In Instagram and other social media accounts can be different: page blogger, personal profile (as an individual and leader of opinion in some matter), a business page. In each case, the purpose of the page will differ, and the ways of promotion will be similar. The main General is a daily laborious work that page showed life and it was recognizable identity of the owner or of a brand that he promotes.

PERSONAL. In terms of filling the least election will be a personal page. On its expanse you position yourself as a star in some field, well, or everyone’s favorite, which many would like to know what you have today you had for Breakfast, what color your new boots and where they were purchased what kind of manicure you did, photos of the new dishes you tried the recipe, etc. and it just seems that to write about yourself the easiest way. “In fact, rarely anyone lives such as the man demonstrates in his “Instagrame”, — says the expert on the promotion of personal pages Olga Andreeva. — No one interested, if every day you are going to put the same thing: how you put coffee, eat porridge with side dishes, go to work, what is there to do, come back from work, and all this diversity only by the fact that twice a week you put up another photo from the gym. It is unlikely you are to read or comment on strangers, you will be rewarded with maximum likes from friends and colleagues. To this audience of 10-20 people to increase — we need interesting and original photo, new items and such that you wouldn’t find everywhere. Then as a trendsetter and innovator you will be interested in reading others even strangers and to rate your picture”.

Works well “Instagram” on the original, or popular theme — for example, thousands of people are watching the tapes of former fatties who decided to lose weight and keep a diary, where every day tell of their struggles with excess weight, diet and physical activities, and demonstrate the results of this work.


You can focus on a certain audience — for example, to demonstrate healthy eating and constantly talk about it. And can make the audience focus on you. For example, you — Ukrainian, but moved to the Dominican Republic, and from day to day to describe events, pros, cons and impressions of life there. If you do it well, with humor, hitch and high-quality photos fans of the Dominican Republic from around the world (who know this language). You will be an expert, to which tourists will ask questions (even stupid), and firms with promotional offers.

THE COMPANY BLOG. If you decide to convert your page to a business and she will focus on the promotion of goods or services, it will be a completely different product. On the goods shall be to the maximum, and about yourself — only what applies to the promoted product. The bet here is on the uniqueness of the product or the originality of the submission, but to find a niche, it turns out not all: you have to work over flow.

What concerns the product.


Specialists in Instagram share the concept of promotion and advancement of the profile. “In the first case, there is a man who, in proportion to the step-by-step, working to ensure that the account was interesting and popular, looking for your audience, considering who it makes sense to sign up and will such a subscription to the mutual subscription — explain the promoters. — Promotion means that the case sits a professional, which aims to create the appearance of popularity of your account. For that bought “army” of bots-subscribers that salicilate and comment on the profile generalities: “Your account is very inspiring to me,” and the like. Rarely it does, in fact, the page becomes popular, as in fact, these pacifiers will not be any appreciative audience, no buyers”.

THAT WILL GIVE POSESCHALKA. However, inflated attendance, and real likes and numerous comments from as many people will lead to the fact that the platform itself will work on your popularity. “When you’re a beginner or just another user would be something to look for on your topic, search the first thing to do is to show those pages where the real activity is higher. If the visitor will not be disappointed, likely to remain your followers (the subscriber) and will no longer be anything to look for as you give it to him”.

SERVICES AUTOMATION. In addition to daily work (live comments, etc.) and personal involvement to the page for those who want to make the profile more popular, it makes sense to resort to additional promotion — with the help of special programs and services for automation “Instagram”. “Among them there is a General and narrowly focused, pay (about 700-1500 UAH) and free, there are those that are installed as a program on the computer and the services running over the Internet — says the expert on the promotion. — They set parameters instead you put likes and/or all possible ways programs get you subscribers.” The more expensive the program or service, the better it works. Utilities the following on filtered lists are usually the most expensive: “When you see someone you podpisala, then most likely visit the profile of the subscriber to understand who he is and what might be interesting — explain specialists. — So your page comes one to whom you subscribe. And if he is interested in the page or your product, it also you sign up”.


Once you have decided on what will focus your “Instagram”profile, you need to develop a plan — what photos, with some description, and what tags (key words) you will exhibit. It should be remembered: beautiful and informative photos love all, can not be said about the lyrics, especially if you also write so-so. “It can’t be one picture a day: you need at least 3 topics that you’ve chosen. “Instagram” does not comply with the chronology of release of information, so prepare yourself in advance is quite real. Signed they should be brief, the practice shows that high-quality photos with less text are more popular than those next to which is a whole article” — says the expert on the promotion in the “Instagram” Andrew Kazakovsky.

PHOTO. The picture must be of good quality, informative and exclusive. “Instagram” is one of the few platforms where copyrights were respected. Photo stolen from another user without the permission to use the content, you can remove without the possibility of recovery,” explained Andrew.

TAGS. After you have filled and signed photo, you need to find a good tags. “One word is hard to Express the theme, so it’s considered normal to have one photo 10-15 tags, maximum — 30. The tags should work out in advance: your task is to predict how a person who wants to see photos of your subjects will enter a phrase into a search engine. From these words it is desirable to construct tags.

Choice. The should be of high quality, with a good view.


To put a photo, to sign and tags are not enough: you need to be able to make friends and find interesting to their audience. “You need to note on posting any pics, comment on them, to distinguish between spammers and etc. In this case, after a good conversation wants to read you already out of it. You can also subscribe to a good “instagrammer”. But basically we have to choose its interlocutors with the sight that then they will be your subscribers, preferably of three ways: by tags, geographical location, and to make friends with those who laykaet/comments competitors. But only at first glance that seems easy: the first days/weeks, and maybe months, will have to work hard.

DO NOT OVERDO IT. Too generous with likes and overly friendly subscriber can not be otherwise, “Instagram” finds your activities too suspicious and block a particular action for some time. “I suggest to put no more than 1500 likes and to subscribe for not more than 500 accounts per day (for beginners). And to do this preferably not in one go, but gradually — that is, again, not to arouse suspicion that you are a “bot” (robot). Your goal still is to have subscribed to you, and be so interesting or so to offer a quality product/service that the subscriber did not unsubscribe, even when you stop to read it,” says Andrew Kazakovsky. For you well as promote friendship page does not have to be forever: there is a limit on how many accounts can be signed on your profile. After some time you will need to filter your subscriptions and make room for the following interesting people and friendship.

There is a limit on how many accounts may be signed profile.

KEEP THE CONVERSATION FLOWING. Logically, with the increase of popularity you will start to write actively comment, ask questions, answer your. Well, if you get in the habit of communicating with his audience in person and to answer on the topic — with no replies and harvested phrases. “Actually rewarded with even minimal attention or participation to the person who asked a question, commented on or criticized. First, you will be a trend that people are interested, and secondly- to work on the bugs, if the criticism is constructive. And third — if you say, agree or disagree, it means you are popular and go the right way”, — tells Andrew.

IF BLOCKED. Limits of activity each user has its own — depending on the age of the account, activities, etc. And if you are blocked, you will need to contact our support team and platform to make a request and prove that your account is not a “bot” and was not hacked. “Often this requires a photo where will be you as the owner of the profile (the profile you too will have a place to Shine). If you represent any brand, product or service, also documents relative to this activity”, — said Andrey Kazakovsky.


The experts on the promotion of accounts have favorite techniques that help them to achieve great success. For example, people who rely on promoting themselves with frequent selfie, gyms, exercises, etc., it is useful to work on poses that more effectively demonstrate their achievements: these poses, according to experts, it is easy to find online. But if you position yourself as an expert in any field, we must write correctly, avoiding grammatical errors and inaccuracies in factual material. Every correction or clarification can make fun in the comments, and part of the audience may simply cease to trust you. To avoid this, use the free sites they will check grammar and spelling of the message and also analyzes what percentage of the so-called verbal garbage in your text.

TOUCHES. Those who are going to be an active instagrammer, you need to invent/brand a unique name and description for the profile to be creative issue. “It’s your face. It should stand out among the rest and be memorable — explain the promoters. — It is important to come up with your unique tag, which you necessarily will be put at the end of the description. This can be the username of your account, the company’s slogan or what will be your calling card. When you become popular, you will easily find the search engine on this word/phrase”.

PHOTOSETS. One of the most attractive pictures on Instagram, many SEO specialists are called collages. They should be United by any common idea. “People love the whole history, it is a feature of the human psyche. And, if you will sometimes indulge the readers of such stories, is a big plus, — says the expert on the promotion of personal pages Olga Andreeva. — So, for example, may be three pictures with the same character, or the combined color spectrum. For example, the same tree/building/person at different times of the year or in the same landscape. Such sets in Instagram I would call the last word”.

You need to be able to be friends. Make it a habit to communicate with your audience live and answer all questions.