Senator McCain about Kissinger and the rapprochement with Russia: “Putin only understands force”

American Republican Senator John McCain excludes the possibility of the adoption by Congress of the decision, which will damage the freedom and independence of Ukraine.

This was the John McCain said in an interview with TSN, answering the question whether the former Secretary of state Henry Kissinger as an intermediary between Moscow and the United States. Earlier it was reported that Kissinger supposedly in favor of rapprochement of the Russian Federation and the United States and the lifting of sanctions in exchange for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Donbass.

“I do not believe that we will support any agreement that does not guarantee full independence of Ukraine or any other country in the region. We have learned the lessons of the 30-ies of the last century, what it means to enter into agreements with the dictator. The U.S. Congress would not approve any action that will harm the freedom and independence of Ukraine or the Baltic States. We deal aimed at ending the conflict. However, I’m afraid my experience with Vladimir Putin testifies the only thing he understands is power , which is why we need to strengthen the defense of Ukraine and the Baltic States and to support them. “Peace through force”, as once said by Reagan,” said McCain.

Earlier it was reported that former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger will become a mediator in Russian-American relations if elected President Donald trump. According to the German newspaper “Bild”, Kissinger will also develop a plan of political and economic development of Ukraine. The basic idea of his plan is that Russia guarantees security in the East of Ukraine. In turn the West will not interfere in the Crimean question.