For reasons of conscience (about volunteers)

If volunteers go to the front, so there is a Patriotic war.

It is about the volunteers who went to the front, leaving the civilian life, which had its place and was more or less arranged. We are not talking about “soldiers of fortune” who, for various reasons, all my life looking for a new front and a new war. And, of course, is not about military personnel, whose professional duty is war. But when you go to the front of teachers, doctors and civil engineers, programmers, students, non-specialists and even enthusiasts of military Affairs, it means that the Motherland needs their help.

In the case when they came under mobilization, or especially if the mobilization is universal, any questions for anyone involved in the soul that is called Honor, disappear. Fortunately, diplomatic Ukraine’s success to date has allowed so far to avoid a General mobilization. Let’s hope that in the future this can be avoided. Do not get tired to repeat that a full — scale war is a great tragedy for that nation in whose territory it is conducted. Those who do not understand, probably just didn’t see it.

However, with the beginning of Russian aggression in Ukraine there is quite a powerful volunteer movement. I had the honor to be one of those volunteers — those who willingly went to the front. A recent presentation of the book “Dobrobut. History feat batalionu scho uratowali kraïnu” where I attended, once again stirred up those memories almost three years ago.

So, about how all of us volunteers began.

From the first day of annexation of the Crimea, on the fifth day after the victory of Maidan, we are the protesters, I realized that go to the front. Then still absolutely not clear: how and where. To crystallize this understanding was later — only after two months. But understanding that you have to fight, it’s already in the beginning of March. We started training at their level. Those who have had the opportunity, acquired legal rifles (just in case). Those of us who had experience of military service, began to teach his unlearned sister weapons handling and the basics of military tactics. So by the time the official announcement of the ATO those who have made the decision to go to the front, was ready not only morally, but to some extent also physically. Was the most important thing to define who we are, that is a part of what units will go to the ATO. And this, oddly enough, was the most difficult decision.

With the military then — at the beginning, it was hard… Personally, I initially wanted to go to the front in its civil specialization — as a doctor. The correctness of this suggested elementary logic. In any case, you need professionals. And if you’re half conscious life of about 10 years, studied medicine, then it is quite logical that in this role, you will be able to do the most good. Including at the front.

However, the reality was less logical. In the military said that a civilian doctor could go to the front as a medical assistant… of Course, there were nuances. The idea is that in medical school there is a military Department which is a mandatory. After its passage the future doctors take an oath and are officers of the reserve (“jackets”) that in the event of war have a right to be a military doctor. But that year, when I finished medical (in 2012), the destruction of Ukraine is its internal enemies, apparently, reached its climax, and this Department was abolished. Accordingly, the young doctors released in 2012 and the next few years, did not take the oath. And in military service they were assigned the rank of “soldier” … Apparently, I have played professional ambition: 9 years to study a little to be able to operate independently and to go to the front as a medical assistant (nurse)!? Had no desire to sit somewhere in the medical unit and to perform the duties described in the old army joke: “I have a headache and stomach?.. Here’s the tablet: half headache, half — diarrhea. And, look, — do not mix!”

And for a war surgeon civil surgeon said you need to re-learn… three (!!!) year. And not in absentia. Right.

In short, by June 2014 I had only one wish: to get a gun and go ATO a simple fighter.

Many friends and comrades from the Maidan, too, decided to go into volunteer battalions. And it is also a very important factor. Anyone who has ever been in war, will confirm that along with his comrades at the front to be always better than with strangers…

Each of them had their own reasons. For example, many military personnel, dismissed by komissovanie (health reasons), had no chance to return to the army, and in dobrobiti to get the chance was. Someone just, without explanation, refused the office, telling the standard: “Thank you. If necessary, we’ll call You”…

It is impossible to put this situation to someone to blame. It just happened. It was a difficult time. And to take personal responsibility, especially in difficult and emergency situations and especially in terms of lives is always very difficult. It can a few.

Therefore, who would now have spoken about people then this responsibility was accepted, I will always be grateful to them. For providing me and many others concerned with the ability to quickly and legally get not only automatic, but also a grenade launcher to boot. And to do what I thought was the only right — to defend Ukraine.

Of course, for those nearly three years, the regular army was strengthened, the work was systematized, and service — adjusted. Now the army of Ukraine is able to perform its primary main function is to protect the country. But I and many of my fellow volunteers will always remember where it all began. Volunteerism is a glorious page in the history of modern Ukraine, which deserve to be remembered for centuries.