Scientists have calculated the most favourable age for taking spontaneous decisions

The ability of a person to make a random selection usually reaches peak at the age of 25. Figured it out by scientists from Portugal, who published their study in the journal PLOS Computational Biology.

During the experiment, scientists have observed the ability to make a spontaneous choice, which was provided more than 3.4 thousand people at the age from 4 to 91 years. Each of the volunteers solved a series of tasks that assessed the ability to make a random decision.

The results showed that with adjustments for gender, language and education, the only significant factor influencing the possibility of random selection was the age of the participants. In 25 years, the spontaneity, as shown by the authors, was the highest.

Previous studies have shown that with age, the ability of a person to make a spontaneous choice decreases. In such processes, as suggested by the authors, linked to the realization of their creative aspirations.