Communal new way: what will change and will rise in 2017

The issue of establishing the energy efficiency Fund is long overdue in Ukraine. Even in 2015 it was not known whether he created or not. However, a few months ago, Deputy Prime Minister Hennadiy Zubko has presented the draft law “On energy efficiency Fund”. “Should we spend money on subsidies, which accumulate poverty, and energy security,” – said the official. To do this, parliamentarians should amend the legislation, and international partners to allocate more than 3.5 billion UAH. As experts suggest, if the Fund fully operational, with budget funds allocated for subsidies will be redirected to the Fund, and the state will save billions of hryvnia, reducing gas imports. The website “Segodnia” find out what changes are expected of Ukrainians in 2017 and what this will lead.

In April work the energy efficiency Fund

Annually for needs of the population in Ukraine burn 18 billion cubic meters of gas. Own production needs of the country not covered by gas imports. In 2017 each one thousand cubic meters of blue fuel will cost 245 dollars. The only solution in this situation, I’m sure a senior analyst at the Ukrainian centre for European policy Dmytro Naumenko, is to reduce consumption.

“According to the working group, the total potential savings in gas, if we run the Fund and implement its program, estimated at 11 billion cubic meters of gas. This is a very large amount. We will be able to save on the gas that we now lose heating not energy efficient at home,” – says the expert.

“According to the working group, the total potential savings in gas, if we run the Fund and implement its program, estimated at 11 billion cubic meters of gas. This is a very large amount. We will be able to save on the gas that we now lose heating not energy efficient at home,” – says the expert.

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Experienced energy auditor, Manager, DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun says: most of the buildings in which he conducted the audit, consistent with the lower classes of energy efficiency “E” and “F”. This means that these homes spend “wasted” more than half of the heat – it goes through walls, window joints, roof. If you hold the thermo, you can spend about 50% less Gcal of heat, which means 1.5 times to pay less. If all residential buildings will be thermo, said Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko, Ukraine will save 9 billion cubic meters of gas.

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Gas do not have to buy abroad, which will help stabilize the hryvnia exchange rate. “From the point of view of the balance of payments imports of gas – bad. We buy gas in foreign currency, pressure on the hryvnia and balance of payments. For the year is 25 billion UAH”, – said Dmitry Naumenko. At the same time, if Ukraine reached the level of efficiency of Poland, said the Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on fuel and energy complex Oleksandr Dombrovskiy, and refused to import gas, the welfare of Ukrainians could be increased 3.5 times.

Gennady Zubko sure tool that will reduce energy consumption, the energy efficiency Fund. From the budget of Ukraine in the Fund will send 800 million, 25 million euros and Germany will allocate another 100 million euros – the European Union.

How this will work in 2017:

Money from the Fund will be able to take advantage of any family in April 2017. Those wishing to take the credit for carrying energy efficient measures will be able to contact the technical office of the Fund for suitable for their house standard solutions. Then to choose the Bank with which they wish to operate, decide on a company provider of services and the results of the implementation of the activities to be audited, who will witness the increase of the energy efficiency class of the house. After that, consumers will be able to receive compensation in the amount of up to 50% of the loan amount. The higher the energy efficiency class, the more the compensation.

“Fund products were grouped into two categories: private and apartment houses. They are also divided by difficulty. Presents two simple packages with basic things (changing Windows, counters, ETC, that is the most simple events), with a saving of 15%, also have the packages with full termosanatsiya houses, where the result was evaluated in the region of 50%”, – says Dmitry Naumenko.

The annual market volume of energy efficiency 10 billion hryvnia, also, according to experts, large-scale modernization of Ukraine will create 75 thousand jobs – small and medium business should provide Ukrainians with the opportunity to conduct energy audits, develop a project and to warm the house.

To obtain a subsidy will be more difficult

According to forecasts of the Ministry of social policy in Ukraine after the tariff increase, the subsidy will receive every second Ukrainian family. This from the state budget will allocate 52 billion, said Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko.

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Potential savings on subsidies and 25 billion UAH, says the expert. According to preliminary estimates, if the Fund earns annually you will save on subsidies, 5 billion UAH. In 2017, the minimum wage in Ukraine will increase up to 3200 hryvnia and the Ukrainians, who have received minimal, at the end of the heating season, the amount of subsidy is recalculated.

When calculating subsidies in the social service expect the obligatory payment for family. Regardless of how many used resources (within social norms), will have to pay a fixed amount monthly. Income per family member share of the underlying factor of 2 and a living wage, the amount received multiplied by 15%.

For example, the size of obligatory payment for family of two people (both officially receive minimal) at the moment, it is possible to calculate according to the formula: 1450 / 1399 / 2 * 15% = 7,7%. That is, a family will spend on communal 7.7% of their income – 223,3 hryvnia. After the growth of the minimal salary, the same family will have to pay 17% of income – 1255 USD.

In addition, experts say, the system of subsidies in Ukraine should be to complicate. The Memorandum of the IMF, Ukraine has committed itself to revise the formula for calculating discounts for communal.

“Very simplified access to subsidies, taking into account only the income, and the only obstacle is the purchase of 50 thousand UAH. Not considered property, how many cars, yachts, lifestyle, income from deposits. That is a very subjective conditions. Many people abuse this”, – assured the expert on social policy, Institute for social and economic research Marianna Onufryk.

The current system of subsidies, according to the EBRD representative Sergey Maslichenko, slows down the process of creating a condominium and the introduction of energy efficiency measures. “If a lot of subsidianes in the house, try to convince the owners to create ajoah. It is impossible,” – said the expert.

The mayor of Mirgorod Sergey Solomakha also sure that due to the fact that in many homes the majority of tenants – subsidiary, the citizens have no incentive to insulate their apartments and create condominiums.
What will rise and what will have to pay

After the heating season in Ukraine, as experts believe, will again revise the tariff for gas for the population .Thus, the blue fuel, which the government buys in Europe, much more expensive, therefore, soon expected to grow and the rate for Ukrainians.

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In the existing tariff includes the cost of imported gas – $ 185 per thousand cubic meters, and the draft budget for 2017 is provided that natural gas for Ukraine will rise to 245 dollars. As calculated ex-the head of Department on public relations of “Naftogaz” Valentin Zemlyansky, gas, according to the formula of the Cabinet, in 2017 will cost 9600 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters (currently 6800 UAH). At the same time, Yuri Korolchuk sure obosnovannye the cost of gas will rise this year at 25-60% (8.5-11 thousand UAH).

“If the price is minimal for 1,500 hryvnia will not grow, it means only one thing – the market is further manually adjusted, the government controls prices, and no market. And this difference, the state will cover from the budget”, – says Yuri Korolchuk.

If the price of gas not to revise, economists say, the government will have to subsidize “Naftogaz”. In the Memorandum with the IMF (the document was signed by President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, etc.) Ukraine is committed to the end of 2017 to eliminate the deficit of “Naftogaz”. To achieve this without increasing the price of gas will not succeed. By the way, the cost of gas also determines the tariffs for heating and hot water.

In addition, according to the decision of the national Commission No. 220, in March 2017 electricity when the consumption from 100 to 600 kWh will rise from 129 to 168 cents per kilowatt. To ensure that the energy efficiency market in Ukraine earned, the Verkhovna Rada should adopt three important laws: “On housing and communal services”, “energy efficiency of buildings” and “commercial accounting”.

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If the laws work, this year all of the objects of construction and already constructed buildings must undergo an energy efficiency audit at your expense. If an energy audit will be carried out in residential high-rises, will have to pay all the apartment owners. According to experts, the average audit of a typical high-rise buildings can cost 5 to 12 thousand hryvnia. The amount depends on the area of the house and the equipment that uses the energy auditor. For example, a family which had lived in the house for a hundred of apartments, for the audit will have to pay from 50 to 120 UAH.