As Syria has experienced Putin.

The Syrian people during the war was not as hard as in 2016, when Russia seriously got down to business and started on the territory of Syria to restore “Russian world”.

Despite the fact that the civil war in Syria began in 2011, when Russia was not something that in the middle East, but even in Ukraine, most of all, the Syrian people suffered only in 2016.

The first half of the year was more or less calm, if you can call any military action, killing, starting with spring and especially summer, the Russian VKS spared neither the opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s troops, nor civilians, nor the bole of ISIS, against which allegedly was intended, and the Russian military campaign in Syria. Putin is sparing no resources, had sent to Syria a powerful weapons, if he were going to fight with the Syrian rebels, and the United States. Many experts agreed in opinion that for the Kremlin, Syria has become an excellent training ground for the training of soldiers and testing of modern weapons.

What weapons Russia has experienced in Syria

Russian aerospace forces experienced during the RAID in Syria new high-precision missiles, whose range is almost 5 thousand kilometers. As he said Himself the defense Minister, Syria has been tested the latest armaments.

“The practical experience of firing a high-precision long-range weapons from surface ships and submarines from the waters of the Caspian and Mediterranean seas. Strategic aviation aircraft in a real combat situation for the first time used a new air-launched missiles X-101 with a range of up to 4.5 thousand kilometers,” – said the head of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.

“Admiral Kuznetsov”. Photo:

But probably the main “hero” of the Syrian military campaign in 2016, was the long-suffering aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which is first miracle was towed steaming to Syria, and after the entry into combat duty he began to show his “power”. The Russian military lost one plane due to the “curse” of the carrier from which it could not fly could, to land the plane, and he rolled from the deck into the sea.

Smoking “Admiral Kuznetsov”. Photo: AFP

Bluff the Kremlin with the end of Syrian military campaign “we’re there”

Six months after the invasion of Russian troops in Syria, was the first significant event. On 20 February in Geneva, an agreement was reached on a cease-fire in Syria. On 26 February the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution demanding that all parties to the war in Syria adhered to the truce. The ceasefire in Syria began at midnight on February 27. However, after the announcement of a truce in Syria military aircraft carried out the strikes in six cities in the West of the province of Aleppo.

A few weeks later, on March 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order to withdraw troops from Syria. So, Russia had withdrawn most of attack aircraft, although a small force still remained.

Russian military to leave home. Photo: defense Ministry

Putin himself said that the Russian troops carried out their tasks in Syria. “Terrorism affects many countries of the world: the middle East, and Asia, and the United States, and European countries. Not talking about Russia – we know what it is, suffered heavy losses in the fight against terrorism. And this threat remains. But it’s not that we left and gave up. We are a significant part of our group brought, but after the withdrawal of the main part of our group we left the Syrian army in such a state that she supported the rest of the group able to conduct serious offensive operations. And after the withdrawal of our troops took Palmyra, he held a number of other strategically important settlements. The number of settlements that joined the truce, has increased over this time.”

As it turned out it was just a bluff Putin, whose troops continued war crimes in Syria, increasing over time, the power bumps and the number of victims from them. The Russian aircraft did not hesitate to destroy entire neighborhoods, leaving behind dozens of victims.

The su-24. Photo:

The infernal bombing of the Russian aircraft

The Russian air force in 2016 made many sorties, each of whom ended the regular civilian casualties. Mainly the most affected of Aleppo, which was shelled from all sides and was completely destroyed.

But still the red line Russia moved ruthlessly when videoconferencing mercilessly bombed a convoy of the UN, which was heading in the devastated Aleppo to help people. 19 September, Russian aircraft struck a joint humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian red Crescent society, with the result that 12 people were killed and 18 injured. In addition, it was fired 18 of the 31 truck in the convoy. They were supposed to deliver humanitarian aid to 78 thousand inhabitants.

The consequences of air strikes

The UN was shocked by the bombing of a Russian humanitarian convoy to Syria. “If the attack was intentionally directed against humanitarian workers, it is tantamount to a war crime”, – said the head of humanitarian operations the UN Stephen O’brien.

Shelled a UN convoy in Syria. Photo: AFP

The Russian side, in turn, of course, denied the allegations. So, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as they could justify their Russian aircraft. “Our military has already made the statement that our air was not working. Syrian air force could not work, because the attack on the convoy came at night, Syrian air force at this time do not fly, they have no such opportunities, and the attack occurred at a time when humanitarian aid was unloaded already in Eastern Aleppo”.

The US state Department claimed that the air strike could cause either the Russian or the Syrian air force. “It was not a blow to the coalition with which we work. There are only two choices, if we take into account countries that are operating in Syria. In any case, Russia for its part is responsible in this formula,” said a senior diplomat.

A little more than a month, the Russian planes again “try” and scored an even more horrendous crime. October 26, VKS RF airstrike on Syria’s Idlib province and went on a school that killed 22 children and several teachers.

The Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund Anthony lake said that the school was shelled several times and he is the most terrible for all time of the conflict, in which the shelled school.

Russia in turn once again denies everything. As stated by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the images depicting the consequences of the shelling of the school in the town of Hass in the Syrian province of Idlib, are forged.

In addition, permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin demanded evidence that Russian aircraft bombed a school in the Syrian city of Idlib. “The aircraft is not approaching the city at a distance less than 10 km. the moratorium on flights of continues eighth day. Mr. O’brien, you did not mention about it no word. If you have information that some missile and bomb strikes, please provide this information. If you have no such information, that you did not mention at all that the eighth day the aircraft is not being used in the area of Aleppo, makes your statement dishonest. Give at least one fact.”

At the end of the year Putin has made the militants of the generous “gift” in Palmyra

While Assad’s troops with Russian aviation discourages the moderate opposition, the city of Aleppo, a major group of ISIS militants attacked an unexpected Palmyra, which to her was easy for me to take control, if we take into account that the Russian and Syrian military, stationed there, did not have serious resistance and left the position along with a huge variety of equipment, weapons and ammunition.

Palmyra. Photo: AFP

As claimed by the insurgents themselves after sunset in Palmyra they got about 30 tanks, 6 infantry fighting vehicles, 2 armored “Ural”, 6 howitzers D-30, 7 ZU-23-2, 1 BMP-97 (KAMAZ “Vystrel”), and 1 sanitary staff car and 1 installation MLRS BM-21 “Grad”. Also, the “gift” to technology left a lot of ammunition.

As it turned out, the militants took control of not just a huge Arsenal of weapons, but also the whole military camp of Russian soldiers. Weapons and ammunition in one place, it was concentrated so much that even seems suspicious that it was intended for the Syrian or the Russian military. Some experts converge on the idea that Putin deliberately allowed ISIS militants to obtain weapons and ammunition.

Putin has turned Aleppo into a “dead city”

The UN Security Council Monday unanimously adopted a resolution on the situation in Aleppo. The draft resolution, initially tabled by France, was voted by all 15 UN security Council members, including Russia. Earlier, France has introduced in the security Council a draft resolution calling for urgent deployment of international observers UN and its partner organizations in Eastern Aleppo to monitor the process of evacuation.

In turn, the Syrian government controlled by President Bashar al-Assad, allowed the United Nations to send an additional 20 international experts in Eastern Aleppo for monitoring the evacuation of residents.

Aleppo. AFP photo

The international Committee of the red cross reported that since the beginning of the evacuation were taken from Eastern Aleppo 30 thousand people.

And finally, we offer you to look at, as just a soulless drone better than any words summed up the years of Putin in Syria, showing the height of the ruined dead city…