As pensioners live in different countries and what you can afford

Ukrainians in retirement receive no less than 1247 UAH, the average pension is about two thousand hryvnia. The pension system went to Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Union and was never reformed. Next year, according to the main financial document of the country, from the budget to the Pension Fund will send 156,2 billion hryvnia. This amount is more than the state will pay for the biggest nationalisation in Europe – the purchase of PrivatBank. Thus, the solidarity pension system must fully satisfy themselves at the expense of the single social contribution, not the state budget. The website “Segodnia” figured out how and why pensioners live in different countries.

The poor consider themselves to be 76% of Ukrainian families, 52% earn less than is needed to meet the minimum needs of (the estimated subsistence minimum), and 6% receive less than the official minimum subsistence level, said the chief of the country demographer Ella Libanova. Below the poverty line are most pensioners.

The minimum pension in the next year will increase several times: in may 1247 to 1312 hryvnia, and in December – up to 1373 UAH. The minimum wage in January will be 1544 hryvnia, in may 1624, the hryvnia, and in December – 1700 UAH. However, after that Ukrainians will receive significantly less than their neighbors.


The average pension in Ukraine is about $ 72. As for the old-age pension it is necessary to accumulate experience at least 15 years. Since the beginning of the year contributions to the Pension Fund (Single social contribution) reduced to 22% of salary. At the moment the country has the solidarity pension system, taxes paid by working Ukrainians, are retired. Thus at the end of this year, the Pension Fund is not enough 145 billion, the “hole” in the budget covered by the state budget.

There are several reasons why Ukrainians receive small pensions. The main of them is low wages. Thus the lion’s share of Ukrainians of their wages gets “in envelope”.

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For several years the Parliament and the government are discussing the possibility of introduction of the second pillar of the pension system is funded. In Parliament is a bill, however, the specific timing of when the idea can be implemented, no. Deputy Chairman of the Pension Fund Mykola Shambir assumes that in 2017, the year the cumulative system in Ukraine does not work.

After will introduced funded system, each working Ukrainian will receive your individual account. The accumulated funds will be available at retirement. So savings are not “ate” inflation, they will invest in the economy – to buy securities, etc.

The average pension in Ukraine – 2000 UAH. In this case, as calculated in this year the Ministry of social policy, the consumer basket for the Ukrainian’s worth of 3,200 USD. Everyone who receives less than, is actually below the poverty line.

For the average Ukrainian pension you can buy 135 pounds of sugar, to rent a Studio apartment in the regional center (in addition to the Dnipro, Odessa and Lvov – it is more expensive) or pay 290 cubic meters of gas.


The average pension in Russia is approximately $ 210. At the same time the “Northern neighbor” has two-tier pension system – jointly funded. As in Ukraine, every working citizen pays from his salary 22% retired.

6% go to the funded system to an individual retirement account, and another 16% – in the insurance pension (solidarity system). Optionally, it is possible to abandon insurance pension and the full amount to be paid to the individual account.

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“Contributory pension (6%) is “real” money contributions for the citizen, the employer, which are invested in the stock market, bring a real income and can be a significant increase in their pension in the future,” according to the official website of the RF pension Fund.

On the average pension, Russians can buy approximately 322 kilograms of sugar, to rent a one bedroom apartment in a small town. The consumer basket in Russia is 10 thousand rubles and the average pension reached 12,9 thousand rubles. However, it is worth noting that the situation in different regions of Russia can be very different. In some republics, the average pension is less than 10 thousand (Dagestan, Chechen Republic, Komi Republic).


The average pension in Belarus is 150 USD. While the tax burden on the wage Fund is much higher than the Ukrainian. 29% of salary must be given to the pension Fund, another 6% on social insurance. Only works solidary system of pension provision.

“The right to a labour old-age pension on General grounds available to men when they reach 60 years old with experience of not less than 25 years, women – on reaching 55 years with experience of not less than 20 years”, – said on the official website of the Ministry of labour and social protection. From January 1 next year, the pension age will gradually increase, men – 63 years, women – 58 years.

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For an average pension in Belarus you can buy 250 pounds of sugar, to rent an apartment in a residential area of Minsk. Pensioners also afford the consumer basket (which, according to government estimates, worth $ 125).


The average pension in Poland – $ 415. The second level of pension system – storage – introduced in 1999. And in 2012, despite the protests of opposition parties and part of society, the retirement age for women and men decided to raise to 67 years. Change happens in stages.

Pension funds became the main source of money for mortgages and the financing of the costs of servicing domestic debt. The Pension Fund of the poles have to give of 19.52% of their salary, with half of this amount is paid by the employer.

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On the average for Poland pension to buy 584 kilos of sugar or to rent a Studio apartment in Krakow.


On average, the French retired receive $ 1,050. Thus the pension system in this country is one of the most complex in Europe. There are two levels of system: PAYG and funded. On average, from each paycheck you have to give 16.3 per cent, half of this amount is paid by the employer.

France, like most European countries, faced with the problem of the deficit of the pension Fund. In 2013 the French government presented the draft of the next pension reform, which provided for an increase in pension Fund contributions. According to government estimates, this will avoid increasing the deficit to 20 billion euros in 2020.

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In the case of the death of one spouse, the other gets the right to part of his pension. In addition, the sooner the French retire, the less they will receive “retirement”. There is also a minimum pension, which entitled all citizens – around 800 euros. The average pension in France, enough to 1381 pounds of sugar. Also, this amount is enough to rent an apartment in Paris.


The average pension in the US – $ 1,500. This amount is sufficient for a comfortable life in nearly all American States. The retirement age is 67 years. For pensions requires at least 10 years to defer 15% of salary. From 1935 here is the Law on social security, signed by Franklin Roosevelt (Social Security Act).

The tax code allows Americans to contribute to their personal pension accounts part of the salary before tax to income tax. The country has a solidarity and accumulative pillar of the pension system.

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For the average pension can rent an apartment in almost any city, by 2380 kg of sugar. In addition, even retirees can apply for a loan to purchase a house for 15-30 years with interest rate from 2.8 to 5% per annum. For example, in Ukraine the interest rate on the loans at approximately eight to ten times more.