The first Chinese aircraft carrier puzzled Taiwan

The only Chinese aircraft carrier escorted by five ships of the Chinese Navy passed over the Japanese Islands in the Pacific ocean through the Bashi Strait, located between Taiwan and the Philippines, as well as near the archipelago from the property, which is under the control of Taiwan. Accompanied by Liaoning two destroyers follow project 052C, one more modern destroyer project 052D, two frigates of project 054A, anti-submarine Corvette project 056А and technical ship project 903А.

The Chinese claim that in this area are teaching them aerobatic team. Japan has dispatched to monitor your Chinese patrol aircraft, but most of all concerned Liaoning Taiwan. Given the recent maneuvers of the Chinese bombers off the coast of the island, the Taiwan authorities did not seriously alarmed so much attention from China. Moreover, recently China has expressed its protest in connection with US plans for military cooperation with Taiwan.

The court of arbitration in the Hague has determined that Beijing has no rights in the disputed territory in the South China sea, but the Chinese President said that the Islands for centuries are an integral part of China. However, in the disputed territory claimed by China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and even Brunei. Most tense is the situation around Scarborough and the Spratly Islands where there are large deposits of oil and gas.

The first Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning to 19 June 1990 and was known under the name “Riga”, and then, before 25 September 2012, it was called “Varyag”. The ship was laid down in 1985 at the shipyard in Nikolaev for the Soviet Navy, but after the collapse of the country, he went to Ukraine. In 1998 the ship was sold for 25 million dollars to the Chinese, who were going to make it into a floating casino, but in the end built from a ship aircraft carrier.