Putin beat the whole world into smithereens

The war in Syria has revealed all the weaknesses and shortcomings of the United Nations. While Russia one by one rejected resolutions against the Assad regime, Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced a cease-fire, the guarantors of which were Russia and Turkey. So, very cleverly, told the world that the United States is already out of the game.

While in Aleppo was bloodshed, all attempts at UN to end it was a fiasco. Or even humanitarian catastrophe. Stephen O’brien, the under-Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs, called the air raids of Russia in Eastern Aleppo, “the shame of our generation.”

Since last spring, the US was busy with his domestic troubles, and with the victory of Donald trump in the election, the country quickly disappeared from the world stage.

The old administration busy, packing things, while Donald trump “invited” for the peace talks, which now will be carried out between the Assad regime and the rebels. How cute.

Vladimir Putin is known as a good tactician, as he recently proved. Bombing Aleppo, he forced the rebels to obedience, and gave a victory from head to toe stained with the blood of Bashar al-Assad. At the same time he managed to turn an enemy into a friend (Turkey) and around another of his enemy (US in the face of Obama).

In addition, he has achieved one thing. He’s got the power over Bashar Assad and the Syrian government. Now Putin will be able to forever respond to demand service for what Assad has avoided the fate of Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi. Putin in the nines beat the whole world. Not in a good way.

But now there will be peace?

First, let’s see how long will the cease-fire. Second, while Assad remains in power, there is no “peace” for the Syrians can not be. The basis of the total power of the regime lies the terror. The Assad regime always functioned that way, and if someone believes that now everything will be different, then he is mistaken. In other words, the Syrian opposition has every reason to fear for their future.

The need to reform the UN security Council for many years made itself felt. The war in Syria has shown with terrifying clarity of his impotence caused by the mechanism of the veto, permanently blocking any ability to act.

The forerunner of the UN, the League of Nations collapsed in 1939, when it was not possible to prevent so-called “Central powers” (Italy, Japan, Germany) to increase their territory. The activities of the League of nation was reduced to babbling, which, according to the decision taken after the war, was never supposed to happen with the UN.

In addition, the UN will soon replace the Secretary-General. Spring in the position of leader of the UN will join the Portuguese antónio Guterres (António Guterres). Previously, he was the UN high Commissioner for refugees.

It is hoped that it will start some work on UN reform. Because it is necessary to do something that organizations didn’t marginalities completely. The UN is very important, but if the organization remains paralyzed, it is unlikely it will help someone.

The question is, does someone from the big countries to do this? Unlikely.