Poroshenko commented on the violent reaction of Israel’s UN resolution

The UN security Council resolution, which was voted, nor in any way is not anti-Israel, so the emotional reaction of the Israeli side is surprising. This was stated in interview to “Observer” the Deputy head of the presidential Administration Konstantin Eliseev.

He called to stop anti-Ukrainian hysteria and to protect the Ukrainian-Israeli relations.

“First, we are surprised at such an overreaction on the Israeli side. We were not the initiators of this voltage. Ukraine, on the contrary, tries to resolve the situation in a constructive way. We need to stop fanning anti-Ukrainian hysteria and make it so that emotions do not affect a solid base of Ukrainian-Israeli relations. The resolution that has been voted or in any way is not anti-Israel,” said Eliseu.

He noted that the issue of the vote on the Ukraine resolution came primarily from the international law.

“In particular, there are many principles to which we adhere in our work, speaking about Russian aggression, which we use in international trials and international courts. It is important to understand that the resolution was adopted not only because of the position of Ukraine. The UN security Council was a rare consensus: 14 countries and the United States abstained. This resolution is a classic, she already vote. When Ukraine was a member of the Security Council in 2000, it supported an almost identical resolution. So, our position is consistent,” – said the Deputy head of AP.

He reminded that Ukraine reacted calmly when Israel did not support the resolution in support of Ukraine.

“In relations with Israel we never allowed himself emotional reactions, although there were many difficult situations. Let me remind you that Israel has not supported the historical resolution of the UN General Assembly in March 2014, despite all our requests and appeals. And of the last seven of the UN resolutions Israel has supported only one. However, we chose a constructive and not emotions. That is why Israel in December of this year supported a resolution on human rights in Crimea”, – said Elisha.

Recall, the Security Council of the United Nations adopted a resolution demanding that Israel halt settlement activity in the Palestinian territories. The resolution was supported by 14 of the 15 members of the Security Council, including Ukraine, and the United States, despite requests by Israel, this time departed from the traditional line, and did not veto.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a planned visit of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman to Israel, which was scheduled for 27-28 December, due to support by Ukraine of the UN resolution.

In turn, the Ukrainian diplomats have explainedthat Ukraine supported the UN resolution against Israel because that takes the position against the occupation of the territory. The evil actions of the occupation is the opposite of what Ukraine is struggling more than two years, say diplomats.